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  • X300 Top Pressure Fully Automatic Pallet Wrapping Machine

X300 Top Pressure Fully Automatic Pallet Wrapping Machine

ModelSmart Wasp X300Spare PartsBrand
FeatureMain ProductsInverterSIEMENS(Germany)
Maximum wrapping speed15-25 loads/hourPhotoeletric sensorSICK(Germany)
Max Wrapping Height & Weight2200mm / 2000KGPLCSIEMENS(Germany)
Turntable Speed 0-13RPM(Adjustable)Travel SwitchOMRON(Japan)
Turntable Size 1650mmMotorGPG(Taiwan)
Turntable Drive0.75PH Chain DriveRelayOMRON(Japan)
Clmap and Cut Film Automatic ReducerGPG
Machine SizeL:2800mm  W:1650mm H:3250mmPosition switchSICK(Germany)
Machine Weight 800KGTouch screenSIEMENS 7inch
Standard Pre-Stretch300% pre-stretchContactorSIEMENS
Film Capacity250mm Diameter

Standard Film Width500mm

Film Delivery SystemPower Pre -Stretch Special ProcessIntroduction
Packing ForceChangeableFrameSteel+ABS
Intelligent-SensorStandardPrintingMetallic Paint
Rope Grip SystemOptionalFall-proof Inside Safety Belt
Safety DeviceCE standardCuttingLaser
Alarm SystemHaveTurntable Roller Double Nylon Roller 
Top PressureMotor Drive/600-2200mm press heightUp&Down Drive Belt
Ramp:optionalUp&Down GuidewayDouble Balance Device

1.what‘s mast height of machine?

X3 pallet wrapping machine mast height is 2650mm ,and the max packing height  is 2000mm ,if you pallet over 2000mm,you need choose mast height 3600mm,the max packing height 3000mm

2.How to choose control system?

X3 pallet wrapping machine all use Siemens control

system.Top brand spare parts ensure a longer machine lifespan.

3.what's turntable size ?

The standard turntable size is 1650mm .1800 mm and 2000mm turntable optional

4.What's temperature can be use ?

standard machine need > 0 degree
if <0 degree ,need tell us ,we need use a special motor for machine 

5.What's the thickness of turntable steel and use what cut the steel?

turntable steel 10mm ,and use water cutting teachnology,do not use laser cutting.

6.What's max weight can be use?

our standard pallet stretch wrapper max load weight 2000KG ,above 2000KG we need change to steel roller under the turntable ,standard  machine use plastic roller .

7.ramp and weighing scale weather can provide 

yes,ramp and weighing scale is optional

Remote control system
Remote control system

    X300 pallet stretch wrapping machine ,worker just need put the pallet on the turntable and press remote control button,machine will wrap pallet automatically,during this time ,the worker no need get off the forklift truck and operate machine by hand .

Automatic Cut and Clamp Film
Automatic Cut and Clamp Film

    X300 automatic cut and clamp film system, let worker no need use they hand to cut film and put film on pallet any more ,cut &clamp fim system will do it automatically .

SIEMENS control system

    If you want to buy a good and durable machine,the eletric part will be very very important ,if one eletric use a bad brand ,it;s a big risk for the customer ,becuase one part not work whole machine stop working,and the eletric part problem ,sometime difficult to fix  ,because you do not know which part broken from the serval parts ,so our pallet stretch wrapping machine all part we use the famous brand ,we do not want machine have any problem from the eletric parts .so that we can make our our machine be used for lone time without problem.

Intelligent Touch screen

      Smart wasp pallet stretch wrapping machine use the best touch screen"SIEMEN ",the reaction of the touch screen and function all is perfect 

      the touch screen can set the "turntable speed .up& down speed and film carriagre speed directly" and we also prepare for our customer 6 wrapping model for they pallet ,most of customer they have diffierent pallet to wrap ,so the different pallets need different wrapping speed ,wrapping force ,the customer just need set the 6 model one time ,then just choose the right model for they pallet , no need adjsut the parameter every time any more.

Motor Drive Top Pressure device

      Smart wasp X3 model with motor drive top pressure plate ,the pressure weight 35KG .

      the pressure can be from 600-2000mm ,normal in market use cylinder type top pressure 

      plate .the pressure just can be 1200-2000mm and must need air compressor