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What Are The Bags Used In The Packaging Machine?

Jun. 18, 2019

Here is Automatic Pallet Packing Machine Manufacturer talking about What Are The Bags Used In The Packaging Machine.

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1. Multi-layer kraft paper bag: three-layer or multi-layer kraft paper bag, which can be coated with PP material on paper to prevent waterproofing; imported Russian kraft paper or Canadian white kraft paper. Can be added with inner film bag. Also available in color offset printing. The form is the bottom of the seam, which is environmentally friendly and hygienic.

2. Three-in-one paper-plastic composite bag: Also known as three-in-one composite paper bag, it is a small bulk container. It is mainly used for unitized transportation by manpower or forklift. It is convenient for loading small bulk powdery materials and has a high appearance. Easy to load and unload, etc., is one of the most popular and practical common packaging materials.

3. Square bottom pocket: also known as open bottom pockets. It is a kind of packaging bag with both traditional ideas and advanced ideas. The bottom of the bag is square so that the overall effect of the bag can be compared with the square bottom valve pocket; the opening is flat, and the sealing method is the same as that of the open bottom bag. The traditional sewing method, a layer of plastic film can be added in the middle of the paper to package products that need moisture protection.

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4. Square bottom valve pocket: commonly known as paste bottom bag, is a kind of packaging bag born under the guidance of improving packaging efficiency and convenient transportation. The overall appearance of the bag is square, which is very suitable for stacking transportation; the valve port at the bottom is convenient for filling materials, and the sealing is simple and easy. The new environmentally friendly packaging for canned equipment can be divided into paper-plastic composite valve pockets or multi-layer paper valve pockets. For the convenience of filling, you can punch holes in the bag to facilitate gas discharge and prevent bag explosion when filling. A layer of plastic film can be added to the middle of the paper to package products that require moisture protection.

5. Slit bottom bag (open bottom pocket): It is a traditional form of bag used by the majority of enterprises. The bottom is sewn with a high-strength fiber thread and has an easy-to-pull port, which is convenient for handling when unpacking. This bag can be used with plastic bags and aluminum foil bags. Suitable for packaging products: chemical raw materials, plastic materials, dry powder building materials, fine minerals, nanomaterials, food additives, etc.

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