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Rotary Arm Pallet Wrapping Machine

MORE FEXIBLE  X1000mp - put the pallet on floor directly
MORE FEXIBLE X1000mp - put the pallet on floor directly
    1. Don't need a ramp to load pallets

    2. No loading weight limited

    3. Less Installation space

Durable Wrapping Arm
Durable Wrapping Arm

    X1000mp uses Slewing bearing Drive 

    rotary arm works durable, quiet and no need maintenance in the future

High Level Wrapping Safety

    If the arm touch anything during wrapping, whole machine will stop immediately

Intelligent operation system+PCB control system
    1. Machine with operation guide solution, machine will teach you how to operate in the next step.

    2. If machine have problem, there are solutions in the screen to teach you how to solve the problem at the first time.

    3. PCB control, maintenance more easier

Rotating Pallet Wrapping Machine Specification:
ModelSmart Wasp  X1000mpSpare PartsBrand
Maximum wrapping speed
25-30loads/ Hour SpeedControlPCB(SMART WASP PATENT)
Max pallet size1.2x1.2mPosition sensorSICK(Germany)
Maximum Wrapping Height2000mmPhotoelectric sensorAutonics
Wrapping Speed3-12RPM(Adjustable)Travel SwitchOMRON(Japan)
Standard Film Width500mmRotary drive MotorSMARTWASP Brake Motor
Constant Film Delivery ForceStandardTouch screenX-Line(SMART WASP)
Standard Pre-Stretch250% pre-stretchSwitchSchneider
Film Capacity250mm Diameterup and down motorSMARTWASP
Film Delivery SystemMotor control

up and down drive systemBelt drive

Top pressure functionoptionalSpecial ProcessIntroduction
Machine Size2.68x1.1x3.1mFrameSteel+Aliminum profile
machine weight600KGPrintingMetallic Paint
Voltage220V/50/60HZRotary DrivewaySlewing Bearing

How Does a Rotating Arm Stretch Wrap Machine Work?

Rotating arm stretch wrappers can wrap a high volume of loads that other machines cannot. The lack of a turntable allows you to place non-standard size and weight pallets on the floor in the wrapping zone via a forklift or pallet jack.

Once the pallet is in place, the operator then pushes a button on the control panel, and the machine immediately begins wrapping the pallet. The rotating arm then follows a preset wrap program to ensure the stability and security of the load.

Depending on the model, the machine can wrap anywhere from 25 per hour up to 300 per day. 

Benefits of Rotary Arm Stretch Wrap Machines

A rotary arm stretch wrap machine allows the pallet to remain stationary during the wrap cycle. This offers several advantages:

Extremely Light Loads—On a standard turntable pallet wrapper, very light loads can fall off during the wrapping process. A rotary arm machine allows the pallet to remain securely in place, thereby preventing the load from spilling.

Extremely Heavy Loads—Turntable pallet wrappers have a max load weight. Rotary arm stretch wrappers do not have a turntable and, as such, no weight limit.

Washing Issues—Some shipping areas require regular washdowns. You can raise the rotary arm of the wrapper to avoid it getting wet during the cleaning process.

Unstable Loads—You run the risk of spilling or damaging an unbalanced load if you put it on a turntable wrapper. Rotary stretch wrap machines do not have turntables and can quickly wrap non-standard-size pallet loads.

Tall Loads—Taller loads run a risk of getting damaged when using a turntable stretch wrapper. A rotary arm stretch wrapper allows for the wrapping of much higher pallets.

For any service related questions, please contact us and our technicians will be happy to assist.

Each pallet wrapper has unique features. We've made these videos so that you can see the benefits for yourself and find the Rotary Pallet Wrapper that is right for you. We have designed many custom options to meet many Industry Solutions.


Watch our Rotary Pallet Wrapper in action!

This machine Stretch Wrapping concept keeps the load wrapped stationary while the stretch film carriage rotates around the load to apply the stretch film. This method of applying the stretch film is designed for the following types of pallet loads:

◎Extremely Heavy Pallet Loads: Supporting the weight using a rotating table is not practical.

Tall Pallet Loads: Where the risk of the turntable rotation destroying the load prevents using a turntable model.

Very Light Pallet Loads: Light loads can fall apart on a Rotary Turntable Machine whereas the Rotary Arm model keeps this load stationary for easier wrapping.

Unstable Pallet Loads: Mixed product loads or loads that are naturally unstable or poorly constructed can not be rotated and thus are a perfect fit for the Rotary Arm Style Stretch Wrapper.

Washdown Environments: Unlike Rotary Turntable Machines, there are no drives or components at floor level. The Rotary Arm model enables you to raise the film carriage up out of the way and proceed with wash-down without issue.


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