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Newest X0ps 3 Years Warranty Pre Stretch Wrapping Machine

Cost-saving pre-stretching film carriage
Cost-saving pre-stretching film carriage
    1. The touch screen precisely adjusts the wrapping tension

    2. The maximum pre-stretching ratio can reach 350%, saving the amount of wrapping film

    A.Rubber Coated roller+300% pre-stretch rate for the film, in market,250% stretch rate. Save 20% cost when you use our machine.Do You Understand Stretch Film?

    B. Pre-stretch is normal function.
    But most of machine in market, use gule stick the rubber on the roller, it's easy broken during working ,also let the film too much wrinkle. If have label on pallet, it will be difficult for scan the barcode of the label .

6 Memory Functions + One Button Start
6 Memory Functions + One Button Start
    1. Six kinds of wrapping memory function, make parameter setting easier 

    2. One button start, let the machine's operation more convenient

PCB control system
    1. Four independent chips control, stronger operation and longer life 

    2. Integrated circuit system, maintenance is more convenient

All-in-one alloy Aluminum Column + Lifetime Warranty
Pallet Automatic Wrapper
BrandSmartWaspSoft start&stopIncluded
ModelX0psIntelligent AlarmIncluded
Load weight1500kg/2000kg/2500kgStop at original Included
Turntable speed3-10rpmTurntable lockIncluded
Packing speed25-30 loads/hCut filmManual
Column height2400mm/2800mm/3200mmFix film on palletArtificial supplementary
Packing height2000mm/2400mm/2800mmPLC
PCB Integrated Circuit Plate
Turntable size1500mm/1650mm/1800mm/2000mm/
Turntable height86.7mmTouch screenSmart Wasp
Pre-stretch rate100%/200%/300%ContactsSchneider
Up&down speed1.5-5m/minButton switchSchneider
Film Width500mmApproaching switchSICK
Film paper Core76mmSafety deviceFilm carriage bottom safety sensor
Noise decibel≤75dB(A)
Working environmentHumidity: ≤90%
    Temperature: -10-40℃
Pneumatic componentsAirTac/Festo
MotorSmart Wasp
Machine power0.75KW/0.375KW/0.375KW

Voltage2P AC   220V 50Hz Industrial appearanceMetal plate
Machine weight480kg(1500mm)  550kg(1650mm)Remote controlOptional
Machine sizeL2335*W1500*H2400(mm)CertificateCE

As a leading name among China pallet pre-stretch wrapping machine manufacturers, we bring you an advanced solution for efficient pallet wrapping. Our Pre Stretch Wrapping Machine is designed to revolutionize your packaging process, ensuring utmost load stability and protection.

Why Choose Our Pre Stretch Pallet Wrapping Machine? 

Our expertise as prominent manufacturers shines through in every aspect of our machine's design and functionality. The Pre Stretch Wrapping Machine combines the precision of a pallet wrapping machine with the innovation of pre-stretch technology, resulting in a seamless and cost-effective packaging solution.

Key Features:

◎Enhanced Load Security: Our machine employs pre-stretch technology to elongate the stretch film before application. This leads to superior load containment and minimized film usage, reducing costs while maximizing load stability.

Customizable Wrapping Settings: Tailor the wrapping process according to your load's specifications. With adjustable parameters such as stretch levels and wrap patterns, our machine ensures optimal wrapping for various load types.

Intuitive Controls: The user-friendly interface allows for easy operation, reducing the learning curve and streamlining your packaging process.

Durability and Reliability: Crafted with precision and using high-quality materials, our Pre Stretch Wrapping Machine guarantees long-term performance, even under high workloads.

Time Efficiency: Swiftly wrap pallets with minimal operator intervention. This boosts your operational efficiency and accelerates the overall packaging process.

Pre Stretch Wrapping Machine

Invest in our Pre Stretch Wrapping Machine to elevate your packaging procedures. As dedicated China pallet pre-stretch wrapping machine manufacturers, we prioritize innovation and quality, ensuring our solution enhances your supply chain operations. Streamline your pallet wrapping with precision and efficiency – get in touch with us today.


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