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T1000 Rotary Arm Fully Automatic Pallet Wrapping Machine

High Efficiency
High Efficiency

    Transmission: slewing bearing. 35-40 loads each hour. Noiseless, long service life, maintenance-free, no need to add additional counterweight. 

More Powerful
More Powerful

    Mechanical filming way

    100% film-clamping effect

    Cylinder film-cutting

Save Cost

    Maximum up to 400% pre-stretch rate
    Minimum the value of each meter of stretch film
    Standard constant releasing film
    Fixed-pointed wrapping quantitative use film

Better spare parts

    SICK proximity switch, photoelectric sensor

    Weidmuller terminal board


    SIEMENS Inverters

ModelSmart   Wasp T1000Spare   PartsBrand
Maximum wrapping speed35-40 loads/hour InverterSIEMENS
Max pallet size 1.2x1.2mPosition sensorSICK
Maximum Wrapping Height2000mmPLCSIEMENS 
Ring Speed0-30RPM(Adjustable)Travel SwitchOMRON
Ring Size 2000mmRing drive MotorJSK
Ring Drive Power1.5PHRelayOMRON
Film &Clamp Cut Automatic (Heat type)Touch screenSIEMENS 
Standard Film Width500mmSwitchSchneider
Constant Film Delivery ForceStandardCylinderAIRTAC
Standard Pre-Stretch250%Up and down motorJSK
Film CapacityDiameter: 250mm

Top pressure functionOptional

Lifting  up conveyorOptionalSpecial ProcessIntroduction
Top sheet dispensor OptionalFrameSteel
Paper corner fixerOptionalPrintingMetallic Paint
Machine Size3825*2900*3940mmCuttingLaser
Machine weight2000KG



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