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The robot pallet wrapping machine is full steam ahead

May. 31, 2018

The robot pallet wrapping machine that is perfectly suited for warehouses with limited space. With options that include wireless monitoring, data acquisition, and customizable HMI screens, the robot pallet wrapping machine offers the most bang for your buck.

The mobile wrapping machine is part of the line of packaging equipment in order compliment its line of top quality stretch wrappers. By virtue of its small footprint and mobile operation, the mobile wrapping machine is an ideal choice for individuals working in warehouses with minimal space. All that is needed is to place the stretch wrapper next to the pallet using the push-button powered assist and it is ready to go. All the operator needs to do is to select a pallet wrap mode using the HMI and press the start button. The mobile wrapping machine will do the rest.

The robot pallet wrapping machine is full steam ahead

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