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Stretch Film Vacuum Packaging Machine Is The Trend Of Future Food Packaging

Oct. 09, 2019

As a Pallet Wrapping Machine Manufacturer, we know that following the development of food processing skills and packaging skills, after the WTO accession to the World Trade Organization, the competition for the food packaging profession will become more and more fierce, and the use of stretch film vacuum packaging machines in the food packaging profession will become increasingly widespread. Although the stretch film vacuum packaging machine is still in the initial stage in China, the use of stretch film vacuum packaging machine can greatly reduce the consumption of Chinese fruit, oil and oil in the process of storage and transportation in an environment that has not been fully covered; Moreover, the use of stretch film vacuum packaging machine makes the food packaging processing operation shortened, efficient and labor-saving, and will occupy a dominant position in the food preservation and packaging industry in China. The development and use of high-efficiency, multi-functional vacuum packaging machines and flexible packaging materials, as well as the stretch film vacuum packaging machine and the physical and chemical factors such as aeration, radiation, freezing, oxygen absorber, ethylene getter, etc. Will get very good storage and preservation effect.

Stretch Wrapping Machine

Stretch Wrapping Machine

Many customers often don't know how to choose when they purchase Stretch Wrapping Machine. Here are some points for us to refer to:

First, first of all, determine which products will be packaged in the stretch film vacuum packaging machine that will be purchased. Some manufacturers have a wide variety of products. In order to save costs when purchasing a packaging machine, it is expected that one device can package all standard varieties of factory goods. This can be equipped with a number of corresponding molds, the mold is customized according to the actual packaging situation of the goods. A stretch film vacuum packaging machine package usually has two or three effects, vacuum, sealing, and inflation.

Second, the best acquisition target is to select a manufacturer specializing in the production of vacuum packaging machines. Try to select a company that specializes in producing vacuum packaging machines.

Third, the high cost performance is the top of the rope. At present, the quality of stretch film vacuum packaging machine produced in China has made great progress compared with the past. The proportion of export has been much higher than that of imports. Therefore, the price-performance ratio of the acquisition of domestically produced machines must exceed the acquisition of imported machines.

Fourth, if there is a field investigation, it is necessary to look at the serious aspects, but also pay attention to detailed small details, each detail determines the quality of the parts.

The above is the content for everyone to share, I hope to help everyone.

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