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A Guide To Troubleshooting Your Pallet Wrapping Machine

Apr. 07, 2023

If your pallet wrapping machine is not working, you may be able to identify the problem and fix it yourself without calling a technician. Following this guide will help you identify any problems that you can easily fix yourself, or help you determine if you need a technician to repair your pallet wrapping machine.


Step-by-Step Troubleshooting

If your pallet wrapping machine is not working and you don't know why; follow these steps to fix the problem. If the problem proves to be something you can fix yourself, troubleshooting your pallet wrapping machine will save you downtime and the costs associated with contacting a technician.

Most of these steps will involve checking the status of the machine via the main screen, as well as any safety or emergency settings.

 Fully Automatic Horizontal Wrapping Machine

Fully Automatic Horizontal Wrapping Machine

The troubleshooting process is:

1. Check that the power is on - this may seem like a silly thing to do, but you can end up saving a lot of time and money by checking first.

2. Check that all emergency stops are deactivated - this is another easy fix and can save you some downtime if you check it.

3. Check that the safety switch is not activated - you should always check this before escalating the problem or calling a technician.

4. Perform a running self-test check - this is done through the main screen and may be able to determine what the problem is. Depending on the problem, you may be able to fix it yourself at this point.

5. Refer to the troubleshooting guide in the manual - this may contain more information specific to your pallet wrapping machine model.

6. Call a technician - if none of these steps solve the problem, you will need to call a technician to inspect the machine.


Common problems requiring a technician

If you cannot fix the problem yourself, you will need a pallet wrapping machine technician to come to your premises to check it out. Some common problems that require a technician are


Preventing damage to pallet wrapping machines

There are several steps you can take to help prevent damage to your pallet wrapping machine from happening in the first place.


Learn More About Smart Wasp Machines

Smart Wasp offers several different types of automatic pallet wrapping machines that can help your shipping operation improve efficiency and cut down on shrink-wrap waste. Contact us below to learn more.

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