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What Are The Product Advantages Of The Automatic Winding Machine?

Jul. 27, 2020

The Robot Stretch Wrap Machine is also called an automatic wrapping machine. An automatic wrapping machine is an indispensable machine in packaging machinery. The main purpose is: to meet the packaging requirements of cargo containerized storage, transportation, and mechanical loading and unloading operations. Where are the advantages of the automatic winding machine? Let's take a look at the Automatic Pallet Packing Machine Manufacturer.

1. First of all, because the assembly of the Wrapping Machine is also the first problem that the customer needs to solve after purchase, the packaging the machine is produced with a fool-like design, which eliminates the assembly problem after the customer is purchased, and the after-sales staff is also reduced to the customer The assembly problem reduces our cost, so the packaging of the machine is relatively cheap.

Model Robot Pallet Wrapping Machine

Model Robot Pallet Wrapping Machine

2. The packaging machine we design is based on different products. We design and produce four different packaging methods: standard, single-layer, waterproof and enhanced packaging. In this way, you can decide which packaging machine to use by looking at what kind of packaging method the customer's own products need.

3. Our packaging machine also has the function of automatic shutdown without materials. When we use the packaging machine to pack, it may happen that the wrapping film is used up or the film is broken, then our wrapping machine will automatically stop, so there is no need to worry about the packaging machine. Long-term work problems; our packaging machine has a self-detection function, and our computer panel can detect the fault when the machine fails.

4. The control panel of the packaging machine has high stability, and its life span is more than 3 times longer than that of ordinary machines; and the packaging machine also has slow start and slow stop devices.

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