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How To Choose a Packaging Machine And What Are Its Advantages?

Jan. 13, 2021

The packaging machinery industry has a huge market, and there are many large and small packaging machinery manufacturers. The products are also uneven. How to choose products and manufacturers has become an important issue for us to consider. At present, from the perspective of fully automatic packaging machines, there are many domestic companies that produce Pallet Wrapping Machine, and there are many types of products. It is not easy to choose a fully automatic packaging machine suitable for packaging their own product materials. Since the price of the automatic packaging machine is not low, we should choose more carefully, choosing the model that is more suitable for us in terms of price and packaging requirements.

The automatic packaging machine is one of the most popular products in packaging machinery products at present, and it is also the main product for future development. The automatic packaging machine does not require manual operation from bag loading to conveying. It adopts a PLC control system, and its entire packaging process is It is controlled by a computer and programmed manually. The subsequent packaging process is carried out in accordance with the program, which truly realizes automatic bag filling, bagging, bagging, weighing, folding, and sewing processes.

When we choose a fully automatic packaging machine, we must first be clear about the materials we are going to pack. For example, if the material is granular, not easy to absorb water, and has good fluidity, it is recommended to use a packaging machine that uses gravity feeding, so that the cost is relatively comparable. Powder materials are cheaper.

In addition to considering the nature of the material, the material and opening method of the packaging bag is also a key to choosing a Fully Automatic Packaging Machine, because the bag loading mechanism of the fully automatic packaging machine needs to cover the packaging bag to one side to achieve the opening of the bag. The bag method is more helpful to the work of the machine. Therefore, choosing a fully automatic packaging machine that is suitable for our packaging materials, achieves the packaging speed and packaging accuracy we require, and the products with high cost performance and reliable product quality are our final choices.

With the continuous acceleration of the industrialization process, labor costs and production efficiency are also constantly improving, fully automatic packaging machines are widely used in industrial mechanized packaging production lines. The materials of automatic packaging machines are generally made of stainless steel, and are currently mainly used in biopharmaceutical, chemical, food and other industries. So what are the specific advantages of the automatic packaging machine?

Fully Automatic Packaging Machine

Fully Automatic Packaging Machine

What are the advantages of automatic packaging machines

1. High efficiency

In the past, the traditional manual packaging production efficiency is relatively slow and easy to lose materials. Using a fully automatic packaging machine instead of manual packaging can efficiently complete the entire production process of feeding, measuring, bagging, printing the date, and product output. This mechanized assembly line has high measurement accuracy, high efficiency, and saves materials while also reducing labor costs.

2. Reduce labor intensity

The automatic packaging machine replaces manual packaging to free workers from heavy work. First of all, manual packaging of some small products consumes energy and is not easy to pack; second, some products will produce dust, radioactivity, and irritating hazards to the human body during the production process. The production of this machine can effectively solve these problems.

3. Energy saving and environmental protection

Generally speaking, the fully automatic packaging machine with good service has the function of automatic detection. Therefore, for those unqualified products, the machine can intelligently automatically screen and repackage again, which improves the qualification rate while not wasting materials. At the same time, it is convenient for maintenance and operation, which greatly reduces the production cost.

4. Safety and health

Due to manual packaging, it is difficult to avoid contact between people and production products, which may contaminate the products and make the production quality difficult to guarantee. The automatic packaging machine has no human participation in the whole process from feeding to finished products. This packaging production line reduces the bacterial contamination of the packaging process and provides a good guarantee for the enterprise.

The above are the main advantages of the automatic packaging machine. The level of mechanized packaging is constantly improving. It is a wise choice for industrial enterprises to choose a cost-effective automatic packaging machine. I believe that in the age of industrialization, fully automatic packaging machines can better serve enterprises. Our company also provides a Smart Pallet Packaging Machine, please feel free to contact us if necessary

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