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Smart Wasp | CIPI 2022 & R600 Third Generation Robot Wrapper Global Debut have Packaged

Aug. 11, 2022

Smart Wasp | CIPI 2022 & R600 Third Generation Robot Wrapper Global Debut have Packaged

CIPI 2022 18th Qingdao International Packaging Industry Exhibition was held in Hongdao International Convention and Exhibition Center from August 3-7, 2022. As one of the core exhibitions of the Asia Pacific International Intelligent Equipment Expo, CIPI 2022 is driven by accelerating the transformation of technology manufacturing and industrial mode. CIPI 2022 displays industrial robots, factory automation, automation equipment and control, motion control and other related exhibits, building an intelligent platform, covering high-end equipment and technology.

Smart Wasp | CIPI 2022

This Qingdao International Packaging Industry Exhibition is the second time that Smart Wasp  has participated. In this exhibition, Smart Wasp , Mastek and Hemax combined with the new R600 third-generation robot wrapping machine, MK900 Pro automatic packaging + wrapping machine, HM01 intelligent forklift appeared in a shock, which became one of the highlights of this exhibition. At the exhibition site, the three products with their high appearance level, new highlights, multi-functional features to attract a number of audiences stop, also harvested a lot of flash!

Smart Wasp | CIPI 2022

As the world's first appearance of the new R600 third generation robot wrapping machine, also unveiled the mystery in this exhibition. The NEW R600 is not limited by the size and weight of the package, and can be free to wrap and pack according to various process requirements. At the same time, it realizes the automation of the packaging of goods, saves time and effort, and can solve the problem of poor applicability of the original packaging equipment. At the exhibition site, the new R600 third generation robot wrapping machine has captured a large number of loyal fans as soon as it was unveiled!

Smart Wasp | CIPI 2022

CIPI 2022 tour and the global debut of the new R600 3rd generation robot wrapping machine has ended successfully.

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