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Difference Between Automatic and Semi Automatic Pallet Wrapping Machines

Feb. 03, 2023

Automatic pallet wrapping machines are machines designed for the automatic wrapping of palletized goods. The purpose of these machines is to protect and stabilize the goods on the pallets that will be transported or stored. The protection and stability of the palletized goods is provided by the stretch film, which secures the goods to the pallet. In this article, we will study the macro types of wrappers: automatic and semi-automatic (or manual).


Automatic vs. semi-automatic (or manual) wrapping machine

To further clarify the differences between these two types of pallet stretch wrappers, let's start with a comparison: automatic pallet wrapping machines and manual pallet stretch wrappers. The first point we want to consider is that purchasing an automatic pallet wrapping machine will benefit you and will greatly increase your organization's productivity.


Lower labor costs, less film waste and greater safety are the main reasons why you should consider an automatic pallet wrapper over a manual or semi-automatic wrapper. Many companies with manual pallet wrapping machines are unaware of the advances in their safety systems that can make them more reliable, which is the number one reason they should upgrade their machines and purchase an automatic pallet wrapper.

 Automatic Pallet Wrapping Machine

 Automatic Pallet Wrapping Machine

Some manual pallet wrapping machines have exposed wires or motors that can injure people. On the other hand, most modern pallet stretch wrappers are very safe. Another advantage of having an automatic pallet wrapper is the pre-stretch feature, which is missing in classic manual pallet wrapping machines.


It allows you to pre-stretch the wrapping film, thus reducing the amount of film used; if you manually wrap 100 pallets with one roll of film, you can wrap 200 to 300 pallets with an automatic pallet wrapper. This financial savings allows financial resources to be allocated to other company projects.


The pre-stretch percentage can be changed from the electronic panel (min. 120% - max. 500%) and is obtained by individually acting on the speed of the motors mounted on the carriage. This feature allows for maximum utilization of the characteristics of the film used, thus significantly reducing film consumption. In addition, different pre-stretch percentage values can be set for each process and each stage of the packaging cycle, maximizing performance in terms of pallet load stability.


On top of that, every company can reduce its labor costs with an automatic winder: manual pallet wrapping machines actually require a large number of operators to be fully operational. By purchasing an automatic pallet stretch wrapper, you have the opportunity to save on labor costs because the automation will be done independently, allowing operators to be assigned to activities that require more critical thinking.

Automatic pallet wrapping machines for protecting goods

Automatic pallet wrapping machines help you wrap packages, boxes and containers that need to be stored and then transported to their destination. Packaging of products automatically wrapped by stretch film will have the following characteristics.


In addition, you will be able to.

On the other hand, a manual pallet wrapper will create tedious, repetitive and time-consuming work for your operators.


Deepening: semi-automatic pallet wrapping machines

We decided to put this type of pallet wrapping machine last because it is a hybrid of the first two types of wrapping machines, more iconic and deserving of a more in-depth comparison and in-depth analysis. The semi-automatic pallet stretch wrapping machine automatically wraps the load. On the other hand, the "manual" phase is when the operator must place the pallet in the wrapping area, hook the first strip of film and start the wrapping process. At the end of the wrapping process, the operator must cut the film and remove the wrapped tray. It is recommended to purchase a semi-automatic wrapping machine only if the production does not exceed 20 pallets per hour. The wrapping process is automatic, but the loading and unloading part is not only time consuming but also dangerous for the operator.

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