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4 Common Faults Of Stretch Wrapping Machine

Nov. 17, 2018

Stretch wrapping machine, referred to as wrapping machine, is different from other wrapping machines, because it uses stretching film (also known as winding film) as consumables. Let's learn about its common faults and corresponding solutions.

1. No action was taken when the machine was started.

(1) External power is not connected, check the external power supply, resend electricity.

(2) If the internal power is not connected, using the key switch to turn on the power supply or close the switch in the power distribution cabinet.

(3) Press the pause button (pause the button light) and press it to reset it.

(4) Emergency stop button, press down and turn on the emergency stop button.

(5) PLC damage-replacement.

(6) Fuse burn-replace the fuse.

2. Frequency converter displays overload alarm.

Voltage instability, improve power quality or adjust variable frequency acceleration and deceleration time.

3. Active rubber coats and membrane rack connectors (square rods) are damaged.

(1) Damage in transportation-replace it

(2) Crash-replace it.

4. The film feeding speed cannot be adjusted.

(1) DC speed regulation box is damaged, no output-replace it.

(2) Tension adjustment button damage-replace it.

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