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Classification And Function Of Film Winding Machine

Jul. 02, 2019

Here is Flexible Pallet Wrapping Machine exporter talking about Classification And Function Of Film Winding Machine.

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According to the different packaging and stretching methods of the film winding machine, it can be divided into the following categories:


1. The drag-type film winding machine adopts a resistive stretching mechanism to cause the stretched film to be stretched at a slower speed than the tray rotating speed and then wraps around the package at the time when the stretched film is stretched.

2. A pre-stretch film winding machine, which is stretched according to a pre-set "stretch ratio" by a pre-stretched mold frame structure and wrapped around the packaged goods.

3. The top film winding machine, using a programmable inverter controller, coupled with a photoelectric detection system, automatically determine the height of the packaged object, through the program control of the pressing device automatically pressurize the goods to prevent the packaged objects from scattering.

4. The cantilever type film winding machine rotates around the packaged object through the rotary cantilever system, thereby wrapping the packaged object tightly.

5. On-line film winding machine, which uses stretch film as packaging material and is connected with tray or pallet, and connected by conveyor line.

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