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Semi-Automatic and Fully Automatic Pallet Packaging Machine

Dec. 28, 2020

The Semi-Automatic Pallet Packaging Machine requires minimal interaction between the user and the pallet. They will stick the stretch film on the pallet or cargo from the user's point of view, then start the machine, and then finish the rest. The reel will move within the predetermined time it sets.

Once the equipment completes the packaging of the tray, including the top packaging cycle, the user will cut the film before removing the tray from the turntable. If necessary, upgrades can be made to further simplify the process. One option includes a turntable system that allows users to tie the package to the turntable through a webbing device.

Automatic Pallet Packaging Machine

Automatic Pallet Packaging Machine

What is the difference between the two?

Generally speaking, the semi-automatic pallet packaging machine is suitable as an entry-level equipment, if your goal is to place 20 to 100 pallets per day, it is recommended. They cost about $5,000, while entry-level automata cost up to $20,000.

Semi-automatic pallet packaging machines can also be used to supplement your current infrastructure. Therefore, you may have an Automatic Pallet Packaging Machine with a conveyor belt to pack a large number of packaging pallets, but you can still use the semi-automatic pallet packaging machine to repack the pallets and other temporary operations. You may also need to consider some confusing situations, for example, the burden of employees will benefit from semi-automatic pallet packaging machines to assist them in their work.

Depends on quantity and workload

Automatic pallet packaging machines are more suitable for high-volume users to increase productivity because they eliminate the need for operators to get off the car. They can place the pallet, press the remote control button on the forklift, and the machine will apply the film and start packaging.

However, the semi-automatic pallet packaging machine is also very popular with large-volume users, because they can invest in two to three semi-automatic pallet packaging machines instead of one automatic pallet packaging machine, and the investment is small. This brings benefits. The semi-automatic pallet packaging machine has a wide range of uses, whether it is processing large, medium or small batches. In terms of maintenance and maintenance, they are not as complicated as fully automatic pallet packaging machines, so they require less maintenance.

Not sure which pallet packaging machine you need?

We provide a variety of Pallet Packaging Machines, including semi-automatic and fully automatic packaging, and we are happy to answer any questions you have. We look forward to working with you.

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