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How Does a Fully Automatic Pallet Wrapping Machine Work?

Aug. 01, 2022

An automatic pallet wrapping machine is able to run automatically, with low power consumption, easy operation and high efficiency, saving factories and companies greatly on labour costs and becoming the most popular pallet wrapping machine in recent years. Do you want to know how an automatic pallet wrapper works? (Want to know how much a pallet wrapping machine costs? Click for a quote.)


What structure does an automatic pallet wrapper have?

Pallet gripping systems

1. The bottom of the film starts to narrow into a film rope, which is used to clamp the pallet and the product during the packaging process, so that the product does not fall off the pallet during transport, even if the pallet is subjected to strong vibrations.

2. The film will not break if the forklift damages the film at the bottom of the pallet.

3. Pallet bottom clips and full clips can replace horizontal strapping machines


Slewing support turntable

The Smart Wasp in-line pallet stretch wrapper uses a slewing turntable with a maximum load capacity of 3000 kg, which is quieter and less vibrating than a chain-driven turntable.


S300 Model Fully Automatic Pallet Wrapping Machine


Siemens control system

All electrical components of the Smart Wasp in-line stretch wrapping machine are housed inside the machine, reducing the effort of installing the machine and eliminating the need for a separate control box. The use of branded control systems such as SIEMENS and OMRON makes the machine more responsive and efficient.


Durable conveyor

The Smart Wasp in-line pallet stretch wrapper uses 89mm stainless steel rollers and a combined conveyor on the wrapper to allow the pallet and load to move smoothly from the conveyor to the wrapper, making it more durable and less stressful to maintain.


Remote control system with auto film cutting and clamping

With the S300 pallet wrapping machine, workers simply place the pallet on the turntable and press the remote control button and the wrapper automatically wraps the pallet, during which time the worker does not need to get off the forklift or manually operate the wrapper, the film cutting system will automatically do the job.


How does the automatic pallet wrapper machine work?

How does a pallet wrapping machine work? The pallet wrapping machine is used to tension and stretch the plastic film around the load of the pallet of goods. Stretch wrap or stretch film is a highly stretchable plastic film wrapped around an item. Stretch film has an elastic recovery and stays tightly bonded to the item. The wrapping machine contains a rotating table on which the pallet is first placed. The pallet is rotated and the film is wrapped around the load.


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