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Buying MULTIPLE Wrapping Machines Has Greater Advantages

Dec. 06, 2021

Purchasing multiple stretch wrap machines can benefit a company and, if done right, can make you look like a hero. Companies choose to purchase multiple stretch wrap machines for different locations for a variety of reasons.

Switching from hand wrapping to machine pallet wrapping - another reason companies decide to purchase multiple machines. Companies that hand wrap at multiple locations can save tens of thousands of dollars in film costs by switching to machine wrapping. Here are additional reasons to switch to a pallet wrapper at each location to justify the cost

Old stretch wrap machines

Companies that ship multiple pallets per day to multiple locations may rely on stretch wrappers. Over time, machines get scratched and worn out. As wear and tear continues, parts and downtime can become costly. Downtime forces employees to hand wrap, becoming more painful with each revolution.

If this is a common problem at multiple locations, it may be time to purchase multiple machines. The money saved by not having machines running down can often pay for the machines within a few months.

Another reason to replace an old machine with a new one is the potential film savings. Some older stretch wrappers do not have pre-stretched film trays. Upgrading this feature can cut the cost of stretch film in half.

Siemens Control System

High Working Efficiency roller

S600 Model Fully Automatic Horizontal Wrapping Machine

Return on investment

In terms of return on investment, this is probably the best reason to buy a pallet wrapper for each location. Wrapping more than 5 - 10 trays per location per day can justify the purchase of multiple stretch wrappers.

Labor cost savings are often overlooked when switching from hand wrapping to stretch wrapping machines. Stretch wrappers with photoelectric eyes will completely wrap pallets, freeing up employees for other tasks. The employees used to wrap the pallets can now be shifted to other tasks to help improve warehouse efficiency. 

Year-end capital expenditures

It's always important to use your budget. Purchasing multiple machines at the end of the year can yield significant discounts and savings. Tax savings are a good reason to buy. Machine purchases are an upfront cost that will benefit the company for years to come.

For large companies, purchasing multiple stretch wrap machines can help save on the next year's budget. Many large companies have a budget to use it or lose it. If not all of it is used, the allocated budget can be reduced in the following year. These savings are intended to clear inventory and provide additional savings to the customer.

When considering a purchase, remember to calculate downtime costs, film usage costs, labor costs and discount savings. If you have any questions about purchasing a multiple stretch wrap machine, please feel free to call us.

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