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Notes on the Use of Pallet Packaging Machine

Nov. 08, 2021

Packaging machine is also what we call wrapping machine, mainly large goods wrapped with a winding film to ensure that the goods are not deformed, packaging machine with tray packaging machine, horizontal packaging machine, cylinder packaging machine and ring body packaging machine, etc. Today we will first talk about the main precautions for pallet packaging machine.

1, Read carefully before using the pallet wrapping machine instructions, and then install, debug and use the machine.

2, Tray packaging machine to be installed in the absence of dust, flammable and explosive chemicals and other substances that have a corrosive effect on the machine of chemical agents and other substances that have a corrosive effect on the machine in a drier indoor environment, the temperature range between -10-50 degrees, the use of the environment can not be frost.

3, It is prohibited to test the voltage between the current motor control board, magnetic powder brake control board and brLC input point and ground.

4, The normal use of the machine regularly check whether the various parts of the machine connection is loose or off, if so, be sure to fasten.

5, Strictly prohibited to move or remove the upper and lower fixed limit blocks!

6, The machine turntable should run in clockwise direction.

High Speed Fully Automatic Pallet Wrapping Machine

High Speed Fully Automatic Pallet Wrapping Machine

7, No one is allowed to stand or stack any object under the winding system.

8, When the winding system is rotating, it is strictly forbidden to reach inward or put in other objects to prevent damage to the rubber rollers or fingers.

9, When the machine is running, the operator should stand in a safe place at a certain distance from the turntable, and then approach the machine when it is finished and stopped during the working process to prevent the goods from being scattered and injured.

10, It should be firmly grounded, to prevent leakage of electricity to damage the machine or personnel.

11, The machine should be moved to the original position by the personnel to re-install and test the machine, and check its safety performance before use.

12, Regular inspection of electrical and electrical connections are needed, and clean the electrical cabinet.

Smart Wasp Intelligent focuses on designing, researching and manufacturing intelligent pallet wrapping machine and providing packaging automation solutions. Smart Wasp has a professional design and development team. If you need to know more about our machines, welcome your enquiry.

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