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The Operation Steps and Maintenance Points of the Pallet Packaging Machine

Feb. 01, 2021

Today, the Robot Stretch Packaging Machine Supplier introduced the operation steps and maintenance points of the pallet packaging machine.

1. Place the packaging object in the center of the turntable of the pallet wrapper, the direction of the film holder is at the bottom of the object, and install the film on the film holder as needed.

2. The film rolls from the bottom of the packaged item, click the turntable start button, and then as the turntable rolls, the packaging film starts to surround the machine from the bottom of the packaged item.

3. According to your packaging requirements, click the up and down buttons to adjust the wrapping direction of the Stretch Film.

4. After the packaging is completed, close the scroll button, cut the packaging film, and the packaging is completed.

Pallet Packaging Machine

Pallet Packaging Machine

Maintenance points:

1. After two weeks of operation, it is necessary to replace the new engine oil in time, and it must be replaced once a year in the future.

2. Regularly adjust the tension of the film frame chain to prevent the turntable from slipping.

3. Pay attention to the oil immersion of the reducer and observe the smooth function of the reducer around the reducer.

4. Regularly check the electrical components and keep the machine clean.

The above are the operating steps and maintenance points of the Pallet Packaging Machine. I hope everyone has to help.

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