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The Development Trend of The Pallet Market in 2020

Oct. 12, 2020

In 2020, China's Pallet Market as a whole should still maintain an upward development trend, and the company's equipment update, rental market, and the research and development of new products and new materials for pallets will have great development.

The era of great development of consignment transportation is coming

First of all, as my country's efforts to control over-limit and overloading of freight vehicles increase, the standardization of freight vehicles will increase, and the competition of logistics companies will shift from the efficiency of single-vehicle capacity to the improvement of cargo turnover efficiency. The use of a Pallet Packaging Machine is the most effective tool for rapid loading and unloading.

Secondly, the labor force population is seriously aging, and labor resources for heavy physical work are gradually being iterated. Automation and mechanization are urgently needed to replace manual labor. Pallets are indispensable as the basic unit of goods movement.

Furthermore, with the combination of AI, 5G, Internet, Internet of Things, blockchain and other technologies, intelligence will be the inevitable direction of logistics development. The arrival of the unmanned logistics era will inevitably require unitization of goods. Therefore, my country is already on the eve of the era of great development of cargo transportation.

Pallet Packaging Machine

Pallet Packaging Machine

Increased efforts to update the equipment of pallet production enterprises

Faced with problems such as rising labor costs and difficulty in employing personnel, it is necessary to minimize the uncertain factors in manual production. Therefore, pallet manufacturers should increase their investment in mechanized equipment and replace manual production with mechanical equipment. China's related equipment manufacturers will also increase research and development efforts to improve product quality and performance. Not only can it be sold domestically, but it will also increase the export of products.

Development Trend of Green New Material Pallets

China is a big industrial country and produces a lot of industrial waste and domestic waste. Regarding the recycling of waste materials, the state has issued relevant subsidy policies. If the waste materials are turned into valuable pallets, the pallets produced therefrom may be zero cost and have great market potential.

At present, some domestic enterprises have used plastic domestic waste, recycled rubber and leather, agricultural and forestry straws and other raw materials to produce pallets. This not only expands the use scenarios and application scope of pallets, but also makes a contribution to environmental protection. Promoting the large-scale production and use of Pallet Packaging of environmentally friendly materials is a development direction for pallet manufacturing in the future.

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