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Pallet Packaging Machine Is Ideal For Upgrading Product Packaging

Nov. 14, 2019

Pallet Packaging Machine is suitable for container transportation of bulk goods and packaging of spare parts trays. The rotation of the tray drives the goods to rotate, and the film (stretch film) moves up and down following the formwork mechanism and the lifting mechanism to achieve the purpose of completely wrapping the packaged object. The tray winding packaging machine is suitable for winding packaging of single or multiple small goods combination, widely used in beverage, food, paper, chemical, glass, building materials and other industries, and can play moisture, rust, corrosion, and scratch The advantages of reducing damage and reducing packaging costs.

Pallet Packaging Machine

Pallet Packaging Machine

The core advantages of the tray packaging machine in the Wrapping Machine are:

1. 90% of the products are in stock and the stock is sufficient;

2, mass production, price concessions;

3. The mechanical parts are self-processed, and the precision and quality of the equipment parts are strictly controlled;

4, one year warranty, lifetime maintenance

5, focus on commitment, integrity transactions

6, fast response, full service

Pallet packaging machine performance characteristics:

1. Membrane frame system: Pre-stretched film frame, pre-stretching up to 250%, reducing the consumption of film and saving consumables cost. AC motor + inverter adjustment, film feeding speed, tension variable frequency adjustable.

2, lifting column: double chain structure, lifting speed variable frequency adjustable

3, control system: PLC programmable control, button-type operation panel, simple and clear

4. Operational performance: parameters can be set on the text screen, the device is activated, and the packaging is automatically completed. The height of the cargo is automatically sensed, the frequency of the turntable is adjustable, and the turntable has an automatic reset and slow-start function; there is a manual reinforcement winding function, which can set the number of top and bottom windings, the number of layers, and the number of reinforcements.

The role of the tray packaging machine:

(1) It can achieve the standard that can not be achieved by manual wrapping, which improves the packaging efficiency;

(2) can guarantee the quality of products (such as food, electronics, etc.), they have certain requirements for packaging, and must be done safely and hygienicly to ensure the quality of the products;

(3) It can reduce the packaging cost and facilitate transportation;

(4) According to the requirements of the packaged goods, according to the required shape and size, select the corresponding wrapping and packaging machine;

(5) For those items that are not easily (refractory wear-resistant materials), such as dusty, toxic, irritating, and radioactive materials, it is more suitable to use a wrapping machine to reduce the harm to workers' health. Good protection of the environment.

The above is the description of the advantages of the Robot Pallet Wrapper manufacturer about the tray packaging machine, hoping to help everyone. In addition, if you are interested in packaging machines including tray packaging machines and robot tray packaging machines, you can contact us, we can provide you with high quality packaging machine, welcome everyone to buy.

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