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How to Solve Common Faults of Pallet Packaging Machine

Nov. 04, 2020

The Pallet Winding Packaging Machine is a widely used packaging machine for customers. Due to the operation of different people, some errors are caused and the equipment does not work properly, which is encountered by many customers. Below, Pallet Packaging Machine suppliers explain the common faults of pallet packaging machines and everyone as follows, I hope you can solve the problem in time during the work.

Fault 1: Wrapping Machine does not move during startup.

Solution: Check whether the main power supply is turned on, mainly the external power supply, and re-send the point; the control power of the equipment is not turned on, the operator needs to use a key to turn on the power, or close the switch in the power distribution cabinet; Press the button to let it pop up; press the emergency stop button and then release it to see if it starts; check if the PLC is damaged and replace it if it is; check that the power cord is connected to other equipment with an independent power supply.

Fault 2: The turntable of the tray packaging machine does not work.

Solution: Check whether the inverter is burnt out. The main phenomenon is that it is not displayed, and it should be replaced in time. To see if the parameters of the inverter are set incorrectly, you need to re-install and set it. Distance, connect the chain, if it is damaged, you need to replace a new chain; the turntable motor itself is faulty, the operator needs to use a multimeter or a shaker to check whether the motor is missing or broken down, if it cannot be repaired, it is necessary Replace the motor; the reducer of the turntable itself is faulty and needs to be replaced in time; the button is damaged and the chassis does not turn and needs to be replaced; the PLC is faulty and has no output and needs to be replaced.

Pallet Winding Packaging Machine

Pallet Winding Packaging Machine

Fault 3: Noise appears when the turntable turns.

Solution: The place where the Packaging Machine equipment is placed is uneven, and it needs to be reorganized or replaced. The individual tugs are relatively worn and need to be replaced in time.

Fault 4: The turntable cannot be slowly raised and stopped.

Solution: The inverter parameters of the operator are incorrectly set and need to be set again.

Fault 5: The film feeding speed of the film frame cannot be adjusted.

Solution: The DC speed control box may be damaged, and there is no output, and it needs to be replaced; some of the tray wheels are severely worn and need to be replaced.

The above are the common faults and solutions of the Tray Packaging Machine, I hope to help you.

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