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Pallet Wrapping – Hand Wrap or Invest In a Pallet Wrapper?

Sep. 21, 2020

 If your business is wrapping more than 40 pallets a week or over 2000 pallets per year, it may be time to consider a Pallet Wrapper. If nothing else think of staff safety and OHS, hand wrapping is extremely difficult and is a common source of back injuries as well as other work related accidents. Pallet wrapping machines don’t care if it is a Monday or a Friday, that just keep wrapping over and over again , correctly stretching the film from the bottom of the pallet to the very top with the same amount of tension.

Stretch Wrapping Machines

Stretch Wrapping Machines

The wrapping of your pallets correctly greatly reduces damage to freight, pallet integrity equals customer satisfaction which intern gives you repeat business. Pallet wrapping machines will always wrap your pallets consistently, even though you have great staff, they can’t wrap a pallet the same every time. A Stretch Wrapping Machines rotates the pallet and applies the pre determined amount of pallet stretch film every single time, which also allows you to determine exactly how much is that pallet cost to despatch.

Take a moment to think about it, the wrapping of your pallets is the last thing you do to your product before it leaves your warehouse and it is the first thing your customer see’s, so why not send the most professional looking pallet you can.So you should buy a High Efficiency Pallet Wrapping Machine.

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