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4 Top Tips For Optimizing A Pallet Wrapping Machine

Sep. 19, 2018

We have a lot of inquiries recently about how pallet wrapping machine should be installed to optimize the use of film and also provide the very best loading equilibrium. Please read on if your job involves managing or operating packing operations, or buying of packaging stuff.

1. Clean the rollers.

About the film carriage of this machine, give the rollers a visual check. Start Looking for two things: a.) labels/dirt built up around the rollers. b.) score marks in the rubber of the rollers.

2. Check the film is threaded properly.

On every machine, there's a diagram demonstrating how the film ought to be threaded through the rollers. Check the film is threaded as such. Bypassing the pliers often suggests that a poor excellent film is used and can be snapping when threaded properly, therefore that the pliers are bypassed to decrease the stretch.

3. Check film carriage/turntable rate for overlap size See how far the film overlaps on every rotation. Aim to get a 30-50% overlap on every turn of the film, and less than this could be detrimental to the pallet stability, any more wasteful.

4. Examine the weight of pallet wrap being implemented.

Check the weight of film used per pallet by cutting the film of a wrapped pallet and weighing it. As a rough guide, if it's no longer than 200g then there's possible to save some money - of course, this depends upon many factors like the magnitude of the pallet and weight/viscosity of products being wrapped.

8. Request the operators.

Finally - ask the operators if they're having any troubles with the machines! They would be those using it daily and are going to have the ability to inform you if there's anything amiss!

We are a pallet wrapping machine manufacturerall the product with super quality and competitive price. Our company is a leader in the industry and we will not disappoint you.

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