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Protective Packaging to Consider During a Pandemic

Dec. 13, 2021

The global coronavirus pandemic has highlighted the importance of protective packaging for products. Protective covers on consumable products prevent external components from coming into contact with the packaged product. Proper packaging will highlight the product while preventing damage and contamination.

Consumers can buy with confidence knowing that the product has not been touched during storage and shipping. We are seeing more and more companies choosing to use protective overpacks. Here are three forms of protective packaging to consider during coronavirus and future growth. SMARTWASP shows you.

Pallet Packaging

Pallet wrappers use LLDPE stretch film as the primary packaging material to wrap bulk goods stacked on pallets. The film provides additional support during transport and storage to protect them from dust, moisture or damage.

Pallet wrappers have been widely used in industries such as glassware, tools, electronics and appliances, paper, ceramics, food and beverage, etc. During transportation, there is no need to worry about the product falling when the pallet vibrates violently. 

With fully automatic pallet wrapping machine, workers only need to put the pallet on the turntable and press the remote control button, the machine will automatically wrap the pallet, during which workers do not need to get off the forklift to operate the machine manually.

The automatic film cutting and clamping system eliminates the need for workers to cut the film and place it on the pallet by hand. Reduces the risk of infection by reducing human contact.

Protective Packaging to Consider During a Pandemic

Protective Packaging to Consider During a Pandemic

S300 Model Inline Fully Automatic Pallet Wrapping Machine


Overwraps are protective packaging that most people have seen but may not know about. Many grocery stores use them and trays to package meat, seafood and produce. The overwrap is wrapped around the product and sealed together at the bottom.

Overwrap film can be purchased at low cost. Operators use a machine to pull the film tightly over the product. After wrapping, a hot line cuts the film. The final step is to place the bottom of the tray on a heating pad. The heating pad shrinks and repairs the film to the bottom of the package. Price and barcode labels are usually attached to the film for quick and easy checkout.

The film is available on the outside in several thicknesses and protects the product from external elements. It also allows people to wipe the outer packaging without damaging the product if they wish. 

Vacuum Packaging

As a safe way to protect and preserve the product, vacuum packaging revolutionizes the environment in which the product is stored. Oxygen levels are reduced, helping to extend the shelf life of the product. The introduction of gas flushing with a commercial vacuum sealer will help keep consumer products fresher for longer.

Some vacuum packaging comes in rolls, but pre-made barrier bags are popular in commercial vacuum sealers. The user places one or more products into the barrier bag for a gas-tight seal. If a nozzle vacuum sealer is used, the bag needs to be held while the vacuum is created. Once the seal has begun, the user can let go and begin inserting the next product into the bag.

The finished package provides a protective enclosure while keeping the product inside the package. prevents external elements and contaminants from entering the bag.


We need to protect our consumables now more than ever. The importance will never go away. Choosing the right protective packaging can help preserve and protect products with minimal initial investment. There are many options available in addition to the three listed in this article. Please contact our team to learn how you can select tray packaging and fully automated packaging.

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