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Set Up Pallet Wrappers to Optimize the Use of Stretch Film

Mar. 28, 2022

Do you know how to set up a pallet wrapper to optimize the use of film? We have summarized some key points in packaging activities in order to save costs as well as reduce the possibility of failures while providing optimal load stability. If your role involves running or managing a packaging business, read on.

Check the stretch rate

Although all automatic pallet wrappers have a set stretch rate percent, this can often vary significantly when film is applied to the pallet. To check this, mark a fixed distance on the roll of stretch film and then wrap the pallet. Find your marks on the wrapped pallet and measure the new distance between them. If 10 cm stretches to 30 cm, the machine will stretch to 300%.

Set Up Pallet Wrappers to Optimize the Use of Stretch Film

Clean the reel

On the machine's film trolley, perform a visual inspection of the rolls. Look for two things: a.) Label/trash buildup around the reel. This will hinder the film application and needs to be cleaned with a rag and appropriate cleaning chemicals. This is caused when the operator uses a knife to cut down the torn film after it has been wound around the roll. Cuts in the roll can lead to further film breakage.

Check the film threading

Each machine has a chart that shows how the film should be threaded through the rollers. Check that the film is following the chart. Bypassing the rollers usually indicates that poor quality film is being used, which will break if threaded correctly, so bypass the rollers to reduce stretching.

Set Up Pallet Wrappers to Optimize the Use of Stretch Film

Remote control system, Fully Automatic Pallet Wrapping Machine

Check the film type

There are two main types of machines, power pre-stretchers and core brakes. Power pre-stretch machines require the use of standard unstretched film with a stretch capacity suitable for the particular machine. Core brake machines require the use of pre-stretched film.

Inclusion force on the pallet

This is to test the strength of the pallet being wrapped. The easiest way to do this is to pull on the film at the top of the pallet to see if it has enough "feel", but a more scientific method should be used if possible. A tension test kit can be used to measure the stopping force of the film in KG, or a chart can be generated by wrapping a fully digital load cell around the pallet. This is very useful when comparing different types of films.

Set Up Pallet Wrappers to Optimize the Use of Stretch Film

Ask the operator

Finally - ask the operator if they have any questions about the pallet wrapper. They are the ones who use the machine every day and will be able to tell you if there are any problems! I believe this information is very useful.

We also offer robotic pallet wrappers, so if you need one, please feel free to contact us!

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