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Storage Principle Of Warehouse Injection Tray

Apr. 24, 2019

Here is Pallet Wrapping Machine Manufacturer talking about Storage principle of warehouse injection tray. 

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1. In the process of storage and storage, under the premise of ensuring safety, the injection tray should be placed as high as possible to improve the storage efficiency. Effective use of the library internal volume should be placed as high as possible, increase the volume ratio of the warehouse, and reduce the space occupied by the injection tray to the warehouse. In order to prevent damage and ensure safety, use storage equipment such as shelves as much as possible.

2. Select the appropriate position according to the frequency of the goods entering and leaving the injection tray. Goods with higher frequency of entry and exit should be selected close to the exit of the warehouse to facilitate turnover; goods with relatively low inbound and outbound frequency usually have a low turnover rate, and should be selected slightly away from the entrance and exit; seasonal goods are based on Seasonally choose where to place.

3. Goods of the same variety and specifications shall be placed in the same area for management. This can effectively improve the efficiency of logistics operations, while the same injection molding pallet goods are placed separately in the turnover and management, with different specifications and varieties of goods, can prevent errors during the turnaround process, improve the safety of logistics turnover.

4. In some warehouses, injection trays need to be used with shelves, such as some large cold storage environments. The placement of the goods should be carried out as follows: heavy goods are placed under the shelves, light goods are placed on the upper part of the shelves, and large items that need to be manually transported are based on the height of the waist. Such a storage method is advantageous for improving efficiency and ensuring the safety of the injection tray.

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