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Stretch Wrapping: Why and How Does It Work?

Jul. 10, 2023

Stretch wrapping is a widely used packaging technique that involves applying a stretch film around a load or a group of items to secure and protect them during storage, transportation, and handling. This method offers several benefits, including stability, protection against moisture and dust, and improved efficiency in material handling. Let's explore why and how to stretch wrapping works:

Why Choose Stretch Wrapping?

High tension Force

How Does Stretch Wrapping Work?

Ring Type High Speed Fully Automatic Pallet Wrapping Machine

Ring Type High Speed Fully Automatic Pallet Wrapping Machine

a. Manual Stretch Wrapping: If wrapping manually, start by anchoring the film to the load. Hold the film roll and walk around the load, applying tension to the film as you go. Overlap each layer of the film by 50% to ensure proper coverage. Continue wrapping from the bottom to the top of the load, creating multiple layers for stability. Finally, secure the film by tucking or cutting the end and applying pressure to ensure it adheres to itself.

b. Automated Stretch Wrapping: In automated systems, the load is placed on a turntable or conveyed through a stretch wrapping machine. The machine automatically applies the stretch film based on pre-programmed settings. The load rotates or moves while the film is dispensed and stretched to the desired tension. These machines offer speed, consistency, and precision in the wrapping process.

Stretch wrapping is an effective and versatile packaging method used across various industries. By understanding why and how it works, you can implement stretch wrapping techniques to protect your goods, improve handling efficiency, and enhance the overall integrity of your packaged items.

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