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What Should We Do When The Turntable Doesn't Turn?

Nov. 30, 2018

When the turntable of the Turntable Pallet Wrapping Machine does not turn, what should we do? Let us study together!

1. The inverter is burnt, the phenomenon is no display. Replace it.

2. Inverter parameter setting error. Re-set according to requirements.

3. Turntable chain breaks. Adjust the distance between the sprocket and connect the chain. If the chain is damaged, replace the chain.

4. The turntable motor itself is faulty. Use a multimeter or shaker to check if the motor is missing or breakdown. If the site cannot be repaired, replace the motor.

5. The turntable reducer itself is faulty. Replace it.

6. The knob is damaged, the chassis does not turn. Replace it.

7. PLC has no output. Replace it.

8. The turntable reducer is not connected properly with the sprocket. Switch connection key.

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