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Use Steps Of Stretch Wrapping Machine

Nov. 10, 2018

Do you know the steps of using a stretch wrapping machine? Let's take a look.

1. The machine is in the initial position, the film is fixed on the turntable or the goods, press the automatic operation button.

2. The turntable starts to accelerate to the highest speed, the film automatically outputs with the turntable, and the turntable counts. When the bottom set value is reached, the film frame starts to rise.

3. When the diaphragm frame rises until the photoelectric switch fails to illuminate the cargo, the diaphragm holder stops rising after the delay setting time, and the number of times is counted up and down, the turntable continues to run, the turntable counts, and when the set-top layer number is reached, the film and the frame is lowered, and the film frame is stopped when it is lowered to the bottom, and the number of times at the bottom and bottom is counted again, and the number of bottom layers is counted.

4. By analogy, the packaging process is completed when the number of times of up and down reaches the set value. The turntable slowly landed and stopped at the initial inspection point.

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Stretch Wrapping Machine

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