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Why Use a Pallet Wrapping Machine?

Apr. 21, 2021

When pallets are wrapped with a Pallet Wrapping Machine, the goods are protected from damage caused by dust, moisture, weather conditions and impacts. In addition, the contents of the pallet are better protected from theft.

In many industries, goods are wrapped in packaging film. Consider food in supermarkets, electronic boxes in electronics stores and various items in the office sector. When film is used correctly, wrapping pallets with a pallet machine ensures protection against damage and theft. Unfortunately, pallets are often not packed correctly. For example, manual packaging is still used, or outdated machines that do not function properly are used.

Pallet Wrapping Machine

Pallet Wrapping Machine

Advantages of high quality machines

Improper packaging of pallets causes problems for various reasons. First, unnecessary packaging film is used for manual packaging. The film can easily stick to things or stick together. As a result, the packer had to start working again and the film was thrown away. Ultimately, this unnecessary use of materials creates additional costs and causes damage to the environment.

Using the incorrect pallet wrapper can also cause unnecessary problems. For example, outdated machines often break down and are less accurate. This again leads to materials being thrown away unnecessarily and jobs suffering downtime. This leads to increased costs within the organization and packaging work cannot be carried out efficiently. Therefore, as a professional organization, choose a high quality packaging machine so that unnecessary waste is always avoided.

Which pallet wrapping machine?

Wrapping machines come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The various options depend on the use and the space available at the work site. You can choose between semi-automatic and Fully Automatic Pallet Wrapping Machines. As the name implies, the second option is more convenient. With the help of automatic wrapping machines, the wrapping process becomes fully automated.

We also offer rotary arm wrappers and rotary table wrappers. With the rotary arm, the tray remains stationary while the machine wraps the film around it. When using the rotary table, the tray is first placed on a rotating platform. The pallet rotates and the film is wrapped around the goods. In both cases, this saves your employees a lot of work. You also save a lot of money because the machine uses the perfect amount of film when wrapping.

Choose convenience and quality

Pallet wrapping machines ensure that products and pallets are professionally wrapped. This makes the goods look attractive when they arrive at the customer. In addition, a wrapping machine this saves a lot of work for your employees. They no longer have to walk around the pallet with a roll of packaging film. This is inconvenient for the packers, especially when there is a large amount of goods on the pallet. As your organization grows, chances are more and more pallets will need to be shipped. As a result, employees are spending more and more time packing goods by hand. In this case, pallet wrappers are essential to deliver goods on time and in the best possible condition.

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