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Tray Wrapper Machine Optional Device

Mar. 12, 2019

Because some customers package different cargo specifications and weights, they will be wrapped with manual film before using our tray winding machine. Lighter goods are usually checked by hydraulic forklift or ground cattle, so we buy Standard Stretch Wrapper. After that, there will be a packaging problem, that is, how to put the goods on the tray. Our packaging machine has a height of 85mm, so the cattle or hydraulic forklift is not convenient for loading, so we Standard Pallet Wrapper Manufacturer introduce a convenient and durable tool. That is the slope.

Standard Pallet Wrapper Manufacturer

We can customize a suitable slope according to your cargo and forklift. Our slope is generally made of 10mm thick steel plate. It is durable and has a slope of 1.5m×2m. It can be easily loaded and unloaded. Convenient and fast.

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