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Wrapping Machine Purchase Notes

Sep. 13, 2018

 Wrapping machine

Wrapping machine is a kind of equipment widely used by modern industrial enterprises, which is convenient for transportation,anti-moist and anti-dust, it is a necessary equipment for enterprises. When we buy the wrapping machine, it is inevitable that there will be some criminals and dishonesty. So, we should be careful and pay attention when purchasing the robot wrapping machine. Meanwhile, we should pay attention to it when we use it later. The following we will introduce the place that should be paid attention to before the initial installation of the automatic wrapping machine, hoping to help you.

1. After the machine arrives at the site, check whether the machines, parts, and accessories listed on the packing list are complete and whether the machine is damaged during transportation.

2. Opening according to the specified position of the package (be careful not to damage the winding machine), checks the equipment and random accessories according to the random packing list.

3. Read this manual in detail for installation, commissioning and use.

4. Be sure to provide a correct, stable, and reliable fixed power supply (temporary lines are strictly prohibited).

5. The chain and the reducer are lubricated or oiled before leaving the factory. Please confirm before running.

6. Turn on the power, and turn on the air switch and the control panel power switch in the electrical cabinet. After the machine is powered on, it is in the standby state and can be debugged.

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