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What Should We Do If The Wrapping Machine Does Not Turn?

Mar. 27, 2019

The Pallet Wrapping Machine industry accounts for a large proportion of the entire machinery industry, mainly because of its wide range of adaptations, which can be used in various industries, food, hardware, chemicals, etc. There are many types of Mobile Wrapping Machine, such as wrapping machines and horizontal packaging machines. Horizontal packaging machine, horizontal packaging machine, etc.

Among them, the Pallet Wrapper has the highest usage rate. Many people are no strangers to the use of the wrapping machine, but we know that in the process of using the device, various factors, such as operating habits, maintenance is not in place, etc. Inevitably, it will cause equipment failure, such as the turntable does not turn, the film breaks, the operation is stuck, the noise is large, etc., but we need to pay attention to the fact that in the event of a fault, it is necessary to promptly eliminate the equipment failure, today we come and talk to everyone about what to do when the turntable does not turn.

Mobile Wrapping Machine

First of all, we need to pay attention to the fact that the turntable does not turn is a relatively common fault, so we must master its processing methods. For many years of production experience of the company, there are only a few reasons. First, the problem of the circuit, if There is a problem with the machine circuit, and there will definitely be a phenomenon that the turntable stops. So our main thing is to check the circuit problem, such as short circuit or poor contact and voltage instability.

The second is the damage of the chain. We know that the operation of the turntable is inseparable from the turntable. However, if the chain is damaged, the turntable cannot be driven. Generally, in this case, the motor can be heard and the tray does not rotate. So we have to check the chain.

Therefore, the wiring problem should be checked regularly, the chain gears should be regularly filled with butter, and the packaged goods should not exceed the rated weight.

Good use habits and regular maintenance can increase the service life of large equipment. Shandong Xihao Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd., special production of wrapping machinery, winding machine, tray winding machine, winding packaging machine, film winding machine, etc., quality assurance, after sale worry.

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