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Wrapping Machine Troubleshooting

Jan. 10, 2019

As a Pallet Packaging Machine Manufacturer, we have a responsibility and obligation to provide you with problems arising from the use of the machine.

Common troubles and elimination of Packaging machine:

First: The indicator light is not bright

1. Power on: Turn on the power

2. The indicator light is broken: substitute the indicator light.

3. The case isn't plugged: plug from the plug.

Second: The turntable does not turn

1. The power is not connected or missing phase: check the power supply

2. The motor is not good: replace the motor

3. The chain is broken or broken: re-install the chain

4. The control button is not good: replace

5. The inverter adjustment knob is adjusted in the minimum position: Adapt to the Suitable frequency

6. Emergency stop switch in stop position: open emergency stop switch.

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