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ProPak China 2020

Dec. 14, 2020

ProPack, China 2020

2020 is coming to the end with the COVID-19, which is destined to be an extraordinary year.

Almost all businesses have been affected by it, but the enthusiasm in the exhibition of packing field never decreases.

SMART WASP together with MASTEK and KINKON, gained the favor of a lot of visitors and attrached many competitors's attention.

SMART WASP T1300 high-speed ring type wrapping machine as the flagship, has rich experiences in many important exhibitions. Each time, it's appearance is very eye-catching. It also has become an indispensable machine in the production lines of many famous enterprises such as LG, Heineken Beer, Veda Paper, Sharp Corporation and so on.

MASTEK starpping machine were launched in the first half of 2020, now it has entered the production lines of Sharp, Yaxu Electronics, Xiaomi and other enterprises by virtue of its excellent product capability and stability.

KINKON palletizer has experienced more than one year's polishing after finishing design.

World priemere, shock debut! Despite being the first to reach the masses, its appeal is no less than that of the other two brand. 4-6 cycles per minute capacity and the function of top mechanical breaking film are very intelligent. Simple operation, accurate positioning, really trustworthy!

ProPak China 2020

ProPak China 2020

ProPak China 2020


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