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  • S600 Model Fully Automatic Horizontal Wrapping Machine

S600 Model Fully Automatic Horizontal Wrapping Machine

New design & advanced technology
New design & advanced technology

    S600 horizontal wrapping machine is new designed by Smart Wasp team, and the technology is advanced in the word.

Slewing bearing ring system
Slewing bearing ring system

    Smart Wasp pallet wrapper use the slewing bearing ring system, quiet and lower vibration. no need maintenance in future.

Double film carriage with fully automatic cutting and clamping system

    S600 Horizontal wrapping machine with Two film carriage, the wrapping speed improve 50%, and use fully automatic cutting and clamping system .

SIEMENS intelligent operating panel

    We all use Siemens Touch Screen, Siemens Inverter and Siemens PLC. We do not want to use cheap China brand spare  parts that may cause lots of trouble to our customers within a year.

Top pressure with double roller
Top pressure with double roller

    Smart Wasp S600 pallet wrapping machine Airtac cylinder with two roller hold the top of the products make sure the stability during products going into machine.

SIEMENS control system
SIEMENS control system

    Smart Wasp online pallet wrapper all the electric parts installed inside of the machine. Do not use a independent control box any more, in this way, it will be much easier install the machine. All the electric parts smart wasp just uses top brands like SIEMENS, and OMRON. Good spare parts is very important for quality of the machine.

High quality conveyor with adjustable infeed guide device

    Smart Wasp S600 use SUS conveyor, each conveyor with emergency stop, the infeed guide device can be adjust to different products size.

ModelSmart   Wasp S600Special   requirementsIntroduction
Maximum wrapping   size0.5*0.5 m (WXH)   800mm(Diameter)Input and output conveyor Roller conveyor 
Ring speed0-30r/min
Ring diameter800mm
Maximum loading   weight500KG
Output height 800mm
Motor drive1.5KW
Put film & cuft   filmAutomatic
Film Width250mmConveyor width700mm
Input conveyor7m input roller   conveyor Max load50KG/M
Output conveyor7m output roller   conveyor 

Guide rail Included
Control typePLC
Satety doorIncluded
Machine Weight 600KG
Machine SizeL:14950mm  W:2460mm H:2550mm
LanguageAccording to customer   requirments
Voltage380V/220V/110V/50HZ /60HZ 1   P/3P


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