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  • X1000 Cantilever Fully Automatic Pallet Wrapping Machine

X1000 Cantilever Fully Automatic Pallet Wrapping Machine

More stable
More stable

    Transmission: slewing bearing. Noiseless, long service life, maintenance-free, no need to add additional counterweight.

More powerful
More powerful

    Mechanical filming way

    100% film-clamping effect

    Mechanical film-cutting


    Add more automatic safety protection, enhance security performance. After pressing emergency stop button, the rotating distance reduces 75%, lifting distance reduces 90%: The pallet can be conveyed to wrapping position, only when pallet height is smaller than max wrapping height, otherwise it can't. When operator changes film, the whole equipment is under automatic protection and can't be started.

Better spare parts

    SICK proximity switch, photoelectric sensor

    Weidmuller terminal board


    SIEMENS Inverters

ModelSmart   Wasp X1000Spare   PartsBrand
Maximum wrapping speed30-35 loads/hour InverterSIEMENS
Max pallet size 1.2x1.2mPosition sensorSICK
Maximum Wrapping Height2000mmPLCSIEMENS 
Ring Speed0-30RPM(Adjustable)Travel SwitchOMRON
Ring Size 2000mmRing drive MotorJSK
Ring Drive Power1.5PHRelayOMRON
Film &Clamp Cut Automatic (Heat type)Touch screenSIEMENS 
Standard Film Width500mmSwitchSchneider
Constant Film Delivery ForceStandardCylinderAIRTAC
Standard Pre-Stretch250%Up and down motorJSK
Film CapacityDiameter: 250mm

Top pressure functionOptional

Lifting  up conveyorOptionalSpecial ProcessIntroduction
Top sheet dispensor OptionalFrameSteel
Paper corner fixerOptionalPrintingMetallic Paint
Machine Size3825*2900*3940mmCuttingLaser
Machine weight2000KG



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