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  • X1300 Ring Type High Speed Fully Automatic Pallet Wrapping Machine

X1300 Ring Type High Speed Fully Automatic Pallet Wrapping Machine

More stable
More stable

    Servo drive for lifting-up, lifting-down, rotating, film feeding, more stable transmission scheme and new 4.0 software system make the whole equipment run stably.

More energy-efficient
More energy-efficient

    Compared with the Second-generation, the Third generation has more stable performance, higher speed, but the total power has lowered 26.5% (Total power of Third-generation is 11.75KW, Second-generation is 16KW) .

More economical

    Standard constant force film feeding system, fixed-point and quantitative wrapping system make every inch of film get the greatest value.


    Add more automatic safety protection, enhance security performance. After pressing emergency stop button, the rotating distance reduces 75%, lifting distance reduces 90%: The pallet can be conveyed to wrapping position, only when pallet height is smaller than max wrapping height, otherwise it can't. When operator changes film, the whole equipment is under automatic protection and can't be started.

More simple

    Due to the modular design of  mechanism, every part has its ID, and can be changed easily, which makes the whole components upgraded to create the new generation equipment.

    Modular design of electric appliances makes system docking easier and more convenient.

    Visual HMI, simple to operate, easy to understand.

Better spare parts
Better spare parts

    SIEMENS Servo

    SICK proximity switch, photoelectric sensor

    Weidmuller terminal board


    German FESTO Air cylinder

More new technology
More new technology

    100% film-clamping effect

    Mechanical  film-cutting

    Whole film roping function

More intelligent

    With X-line SMART Internet of Things, all running status is clear. If any fault happens, supplier can troubleshoot and resolve issues immediately through SMART X-line.

ModelSmart   Wasp X1300Spare   PartsBrand
Maximum wrapping   speed45\60\90loads/hour InverterSIEMENS
Max pallet   size 1.2x1.2mPosition sensorSICK
Maximum Wrapping   Height2000mmPLCSIEMENS
Ring Speed0-30RPM(Adjustable)Travel SwitchOMRON
Ring Size 2200mmRing drive MotorSEW
Ring Drive Power1.5PHRelayOMRON
Film &Clamp   Cut Automatic (Heat type)Touch screenSIEMENS
Max Load Weight2000KGSwitchSchneider
Standard Film Width500mmCylinderFESTO & AIRTAC
Constant Film   Delivery ForceStandardUp and down motorCPG
Standard   Pre-Stretch250%Film carriage motorSIEMENS servo motor
conveyor systemStainless Steel 201  diameter: 76mm

Film CapacityDiameter: 250mmSpecial ProcessIntroduction
Film Delivery   SystemServo motor controlFrameSteel
Up and down drive   systemBelt drivePrintingMetallic Paint
Top pressure   functionOptionalFall-proof Anti drop system
Lifting  up conveyorOptionalCuttingLaser
Top sheet   dispensor Optional

Paper corner fixerOptional

Machine Size3.2x3x4m

Machine weight4000KG



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