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  • T600 Model Robot Pallet Wrapping Machine

T600 Model Robot Pallet Wrapping Machine

Safety system
Safety system

    T600 can be braked immediately when the front safety device  touched, With this safety system, The robot can be used without using a fence or defining a work area.

SIEMENS Operation Panel
SIEMENS Operation Panel

    SIEMENS operation panel with poweful interface. More intelligent and easy setting machine. 

Folding type up& down system

    SMARTWASP T600 Use folding type up and down drive system, machine smaller, and more save space.

Directional rudder

    The directional rudder, it is easy to transport the robot from one location to another without the need for a forklift. The position of the operation buttons is ergonomic, making the use of the robot more convenient.

BrandSmart WaspModelT600
Load weightUnlimitedSoft start & stopIncluded
Wrapping speed3-10 RPMIntelligent alarmIncluded
Packing heightMaximum 2000mm (1800mm/2400mm optionalAuto cut filmOptional
Pre-stretch rate200% (1m to 3m) or 250% (1m to 3.5m)Speed adjustableIncluded
Up & down speed1.5-5.5m/minMeasure heightAutomatic (black/blue color optional)
Packing speed25-30 loads/h (1*1.2*1.8m pallet/two layers)Product memoryFive modes
Wrapping forceAdjustableSensor brandSICK
Film width500mm (750mm optional)Fix film on palletManual
Film diameter250mmPLCSIEMENS
Film paper core76mm (50mm optional)InverterSIEMENS
Film weightMaximum 15kgTouch screenSIEMENS
Machine power0.6KWVoltage220V-240V 50/60Hz single-phase


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