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R600 Robot Wrapping Machine

Robot Wrapping Machine Technical Parameters
BrandSmart WaspModelR600
Length1586mmBattery typeLead-acid cell
Width871mmBattery capacity48V (4*12V 100Ah)
Operating width1390mmBattery brandTIANNENG BATTERY
HeightStandard 2420mm (Optional)Battery model6-EVF-73H
Pre-stretch rate350%Transverse volocity67m/min
Max Wrapping Height2800mmRunning Speed1-16cpm
Control Lever Height1076mmUp&down speed5m/min(Adjustable)
Pallet Size>=800*800mmFilm Width500mm
Standard Wrapping Height2000mmFilm Diameter250mm
Machine Weight330kgCore diameter76mm
Max Wrapping WeightNo LimitedWorking time8 Hours
Power1.2KWDriven Type:Electric
Voltage220V 50HzOperation temp0-40℃


Why Choose Smart Wasp's Robot Wrapping Machine:

◎Precision Engineering: Our expertise in robotic technology shines through in the design and functionality of our Robot Pallet Wrapper. Each machine is crafted with precision, ensuring long-lasting performance and durability.

◎Innovation at Its Best: We are at the forefront of Robotic Pallet Manufacturing. With a focus on innovation, we continuously evolve our products to meet the changing demands of the industry, making your packaging processes smarter and more efficient.

◎Comprehensive Solutions: From design to manufacturing, our Robot Wrapping Machines cover the entire spectrum of your packaging needs. Experience seamless integration, streamlined operations, and enhanced load security in one comprehensive solution.

Elevate your packaging processes with Smart Wasp's Robotic Pallet Wrapping Machine. Embrace the future of packaging technology and watch your efficiency soar. Explore our offerings today at and revolutionize your packaging experience!

Robot Wrapping Machine


Key Features of Our High-Quality Robot Pallet Wrapper:

◎Advanced Robotic Technology: Experience the future of packaging with our Robot Wrapping Machines. These cutting-edge devices are designed to bring automation and precision to your pallet wrapping process. By seamlessly integrating robotic capabilities, our machine ensures consistent and reliable wrapping, reducing human intervention and maximizing efficiency.

Efficient Wrapping Solutions: Our Robotic Pallet Wrapper Machine delivers unparalleled efficiency by streamlining your packaging procedures. With customizable settings and adaptable configurations, you can tailor the wrapping process to suit your specific load requirements.

Reliable Load Containment: Achieve exceptional load stability with our Robotic Pallet Wrapping Machine. The integration of advanced robotic techniques ensures that your pallets are securely wrapped, minimizing the risk of damage during transportation and storage.

Simplified Operations: Our Robot Pallet Wrappers feature intuitive controls that make operation a breeze. Even if you're new to robotic technology, you'll find our machines easy to use, reducing downtime and boosting productivity.


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