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Newest X0MS 3 Years Warranty Pallet Wrapping Machine

New generation of mechanical resistance film carriage
New generation of mechanical resistance film carriage

    Knob with physical feedback wrapping tension, it is more convenient to adjust

    Grading adjustments to make the film more uniform

6 Memory Functions + One Button Start
6 Memory Functions + One Button Start

    Six kinds of wrapping memory functions, make the parameter setting easier 

    One button starts, let the operation of the machine more convenient

PCB control system

    Four independent chips control, stronger operation and longer life  

    Integrated circuit system, maintenance is more convenient

All-in-one alloy Aluminum Column + Lifetime Warranty

    1.4000 tons extruded column, integrally formed, solid and durable 

    2. Modular assembly, easy to install 

    3. Double chain lifting system, more safety 

    4. LED tri-color light

BrandSmartWaspSoft start&stopIncluded
ModelX0msIntelligent AlarmIncluded
Load weight1500kg/2000kg/2500kgStop at original Included
Turntable speed3-10rpmTurntable lockIncluded
Packing speed25-30 loads/hCut filmManual
Column height2400mm/2800mm/3200mmFix film on palletArtificial supplementary
Packing height2000mm/2400mm/2800mmPLC
PCB Integrated Circuit Plate
Turntable size1500mm/1650mm/1800mm/2000mm/
Turntable height86.7mmTouch screenSmart Wasp
Pre-stretch rateMechanical StretchContactsSchneider
Up&down speed1.5-5m/minButton switchSchneider
Film Width500mmApproaching switchSICK
Film paper Core76mmSafety deviceFilm carriage bottom safety sensor
Noise decibel≤75dB(A)
Working environmentHumidity: ≤90%
Temperature: -10-40℃
Pneumatic componentsAirTac/Festo
MotorSmart Wasp
Machine power0.75KW/0.375KW/0.375KW

Voltage2P AC   220V 50Hz Industrial appearanceMetal plate
Machine weight450kg(1500mm)  530kg(1650mm)Remote controlOptional
Machine sizeL2335*W1500*H2400(mm)CertificateCE

A pallet wrapping machine, also known as a stretch wrapping machine, is a piece of equipment used in warehouses and distribution centers to secure and protect palletized loads. It is designed to wrap plastic film tightly around a pallet and its contents, creating a stable and secure unit for transportation or storage.

Here's how a typical pallet wrapping machine works:

●Load Placement: The pallet with the goods to be wrapped is placed onto the turntable or conveyor system of the wrapping machine. The machine should have adjustable guides or fences to ensure the pallet is properly aligned.

●Film Attachment: The operator attaches the end of a stretch film roll to the pallet, typically by manually starting the film around one of the bottom corners or using an automatic film attachment mechanism.

●Wrapping Parameters: The operator sets the wrapping parameters on the machine's control panel. These parameters may include the number of wraps, wrapping tension, film overlap, and rotational speed of the turntable (if applicable).

●Automatic Wrapping: Once the parameters are set, the machine initiates the wrapping process. The turntable rotates, or the film carriage moves up and down, while the film is automatically unwound and stretched as it is applied to the pallet.

●Film Cutting and Securing: After completing the desired number of wraps, the machine cuts the film and secures it to the pallet. This can be done using a heat-sealing mechanism or by pressing the film against itself to create a tight bond.

●Pallet Removal: Once the wrapping is finished, the operator removes the wrapped pallet from the machine, making space for the next one.

Pallet wrapping machines offer several benefits, including:

●Load Stability: Wrapping the pallet tightly helps prevent the goods from shifting or falling during transportation, reducing the risk of damage.

●Protection: The stretch film provides a barrier against dust, moisture, and other external elements that may affect the integrity or quality of the goods.

●Efficiency: Wrapping pallets manually can be time-consuming and physically demanding. Pallet wrapping machines automate the process, saving time and reducing the strain on operators.

●Cost Savings: By using the appropriate amount of film and ensuring proper tension, pallet wrapping machines can help optimize film usage, reducing material costs.

There are different types of pallet wrapping machines available, including turntable machines, rotary arm machines, and orbital machines. The choice of machine depends on factors such as the volume of pallets to be wrapped, the size and weight of the loads, and the specific requirements of the application.

It's worth noting that the specifics of pallet wrapping machines may vary depending on the manufacturer and model, so it's essential to consult the machine's user manual or contact the manufacturer for detailed instructions on operating a particular machine.

Newest X0MS 3 Years Warranty Pallet Wrapping Machine



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