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  • X0PS Intelligent Basic Pallet Wrapping Machine

X0PS Intelligent Basic Pallet Wrapping Machine

Reduce packaging cost
Reduce packaging cost

    The pre-stretch function makes film even and transparent. The 300% pre-stretch rate helps save film cost.

Comprehensive safety protection system
Comprehensive safety protection system

    Fall prevention system, no film&break film alarm, safety through film system, bottom pressure and injury prevention device.

Intelligent touch control with human machine delivery system

    Our human machine delivery system uses SMARTWASP which is independently developed, with remote maintenance system, troubleshooting and guidance function, all the SMARTWASP winding machine unified operating system, make use of more convenient, easier to maintain.

IOT module

    Remote maintenance equipment, free upgrade and equipment maintenance alarm reminder function.

BrandSmartWaspSoft start&stopIncluded
ModelX0psIntelligent AlarmIncluded
Load weight1500kg/2000kg/2500kgStop at original Included
Turntable speed3-10rpmTurntable lockIncluded
Packing speed25-30 loads/hCut filmManual
Column height2400mm/2800mm/3200mmFix film on palletArtificial supplementary
Packing height2000mm/2400mm/2800mmPLC X-Line
Turntable size1500mm/1650mm/1800mm/2000mm/
Turntable height86.7mmTouch screenSmart Wasp
Pre-stretch rate100%/200%/300%ContactsSchneider
Up&down speed1.5-5m/minButton switchSchneider
Film Width500mmApproaching switchSICK
Film paper Core76mmSafety deviceFilm carriage bottom safety sensor
Noise decibel≤75dB(A)
Working environmentHumidity: ≤90%
    Temperature: -10-40℃
Pneumatic componentsAirTac/Festo
电机   Motor
Smart Wasp
Machine power0.75KW/0.375KW/0.375KW

Voltage2P AC   220V 50Hz Industrial appearanceMetal plate
Machine weight480kg(1500mm)  550kg(1650mm)Remote controlOptional
Machine sizeL2335*W1500*H2400(mm)CertificateCE


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