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5 Items for the Use of Tray Winding Packaging Machine

Sep. 16, 2022

In this era of widespread use of pallet winding and packaging machines, we should be more reasonable operation and use of pallet winding and packaging machines to avoid work failures, so in the process of using the pallet winding and packaging machine, what issues need to be noted? Please follow SMART WASP!


Pallet winding packaging machine is a mechanical device in the production and transportation process of production enterprises, goods from one place to another, the use of packaging machines for packaging and bundling after the goods can be transported more convenient, and like clothing, laundry and other industries use pressurized pallet winding packaging machine after packing, to reduce the volume of goods, so that transportation costs are greatly reduced. The use of packaging machines greatly improve the efficiency of production enterprises, reducing labor costs, the two main features make it receive deep love from the use of business, but also to lay the foundation for its rapid development.


Horizontal Type Fully Automatic Orbital Horizontal Pallet Stretch Wrapping Machine

Horizontal Type Fully Automatic Orbital Horizontal Pallet Stretch Wrapping Machine


1. Personal safety


Pallet Wrapping Machine is a mechanical device for industrial use, in the use of many large desktop pallet wrap packaging machinery, we must pay attention to the use of specifications. Pallet Wrapping Machine power on to the workflow of packaging and tying, the operator should be careful not to reach into the machine to avoid accidents. Pallet wrapping packaging machine is a metal mechanical equipment, hard texture, strapping process mechanical parts are in rapid operation, and now the technology is not able to identify the human body with the goods and other differences between me, many times it is because the operator does not follow the operating specifications for proper operation, resulting in personal injury. Similarly, after a long period of use of the equipment, there will inevitably be aging damage to the phenomenon, which will require regular maintenance and repair of staff. Here to note that the staff at work, be sure to disconnect the power supply in advance, and then according to the maintenance code for standard maintenance. The correct use of pallet wrapping machine, not only to ensure our personal safety, but also to ensure that the workflow quickly and without obstacles, killing two birds with one stone.


2. Anti-rust


Pallet wrapping and packaging machine is an industrial metal strapping machinery and equipment, of course, there are metal characteristics - easy to rust, rust is the cause of metal oxidation. Then we must remind everyone here, the pallet wrapping packaging machine must be placed in a dry environment, can not be placed in a humid environment to avoid accelerating the pallet wrapping packaging machine equipment rust and aging, and, pallet wrapping packaging machine is also a motor equipment, if the environment is excessively humid, it is also easy to lead to motor failure such as joint electricity. So for our personal safety and improve the service life of the pallet wrapping machine, do not place and use the pallet wrapping machine in a humid environment.


3. Power safety


Pallet winding packaging machine power safety, this safety issue is a cliché, we must be careful. In the installation of pallet wrapping and packaging machine equipment, to first understand the number of phases of power supply equipment, if the three-phase power supply equipment, installation, to determine the power line is grounded to avoid static electricity failure. Before using the equipment to pay attention to check whether the machinery and equipment can be turned on normally, after use to remember to cut off the power to avoid accidents.



4. Avoid contact with dust


Do not operate the tray winding packaging machine in a seriously dusty environment, this problem is not only the existence of tray winding packaging machine, almost all motor equipment will have this requirement. We all know that the dust itself is charged, when the dust is deposited around the equipment, it will cause a short circuit, when the dust accumulates between the head of the device switch, will also cause poor contact with the switch, here to remind customers that if the tray winding packaging machine tray winding packaging machine equipment is good and bad, the first thing to check whether the switch because of dust accumulation poor contact. And if too much dust buildup, it will affect the equipment's motor heat dissipation, causing the equipment to click overheating, reducing the carrying capacity of the equipment.


5. Pallet Wrapping Packaging Machine cleaning and maintenance


Pallet winding packaging machine for the production enterprises, is a very frequent use of machinery and equipment, frequent use of the process to pay attention to the regular maintenance of equipment and equipment cleaning, to avoid the smooth operation of the plant process, which is not worth the loss, just like you have a horse, you want it to work, but also to feed him regularly, machinery and equipment is the same, want to make the equipment normal and smooth Work, then regular maintenance and cleaning is inevitable, here to caution the use of equipment manufacturers to put this matter on the process as soon as possible, in order to extend the service life of the equipment, reduce the cost of repair and replacement equipment.


Want to know more about pallet wrapping and packaging machine? Please continue to pay attention to SMART WASP, if you have any questions, please feel free to leave us a message!

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