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What Much Do You Know About Pallet Wrapping Machines?

Nov. 08, 2022

What is a pallet wrapping machine?

Wrapping is a common practice to ensure that pallets are safely loaded and stacked. There are multiple ways to solve this problem, from standard wrappers to fully automated wrappers and even robotic wrappers, all with their own advantages.

Pallet wrappers increase productivity, reduce consumption of consumables, improve the appearance of your goods, save on labor costs and reduce the risk of injury. They also come in a variety of configurations that can be modified to meet the individual needs of your business.

The machine offers advantages over manual packaging.


Wrappers apply the film with uniform tension, allowing you to use less film for excellent load control.

Increased productivity

Automating daily tasks, allows employees to focus on tasks that require critical thinking.

Less damage

The machine can wrap more consistently from top to bottom and from the first pallet to the last. It can perform repetitive tasks without sacrificing quality.

Different types of pallet wrappers.

Standard pallet wrapping machine

The standard pallet wrapping machine has a complete safety protection system. The pre-fixed film unit, which wraps the bulk goods stacked on the pallet, is highly efficient in packaging.

The film provides extra support during transportation and storage, protecting the pallet from dust, moisture or damage. The standard pallet wrapping machine has a high load capacity, with a maximum load weight of 1500KG.

What Much Do You Know About Pallet Wrapping Machines?

standard pallet wrapping machine

Fully automatic pallet-wrapping machines

Fully automatic pallet wrappers are highly efficient and operate automatically with low power consumption, making them more suitable for smaller erratic and heavier loads.

The fully automatic pallet wrapping machine is designed so that the load does not move, but the arm rotates around the load and the photoelectric sensor automatically tests the height of the pallet and distributes the parcel during operation. This type of pallet wrapper does need to be anchored to the floor, resulting in the inability to move the pallet wrapper to the pallet/load as needed and reducing warehouse flexibility. They are also a more expensive option for production lines than turntable machines.

What Much Do You Know About Pallet Wrapping Machines?

Fully automatic pallet wrapper

Robotic Pallet Wrappers

Robotic pallet wrappers are a simple and convenient option for adding pallet wrapping capabilities to your workplace. The mobility of the robots allows them to move flexibly and be used where they are needed.

The intuitive sensors of the robotic pallet wrappers allow them to wrap almost any shape, weight, or size of the load, with no restrictions on weight or number of pallets.

Robotic pallet wrappers are designed with a high degree of safety in mind, utilizing their advanced sensor system and other safety features to reduce the possibility of damage or injury. In addition, robotic pallet wrappers serve for long periods of time and have a small footprint.

What Much Do You Know About Pallet Wrapping Machines?

Robotic pallet wrapper

As a specialist manufacturer of pallet wrapping machines, our pallet wrapping carousel machine can reduce the amount of breakage and save you money. It can also reduce the amount of material used. Last but not least, a properly specified stretch wrapper can easily keep up with your overall production.

Smart Wasp has a high-quality smart pallet wrapping machine factory and our packers will bring you a range of high-quality automated pallet stretch wrapping solutions. It is important to choose the right pallet stretch wrapping plant for your business. If you would like to wholesale our products, please contact us!

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