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Advantage Of Pallet Wrapping Machine

Jul. 23, 2018

Among them, the pallet wrapping machine has the following advantages:

1. It includes manual operation and automatic operation mode, which can be replaced at any time;

2. Can automatically sense the height of goods, without manual height measurement;

3. Multi-function, touch control panel, fool and intelligent control design, easy to operate;

4. Winding specifications, winding film lifting speed and tightness degree can be adjusted at any time, convenient and fast;

5. Start slowly, stop slowly and stop at a fixed point;

6. When the packaging is completed, the rubber film will be automatically pulled off without cutting knife;

7. Easy replacement of parts and components;

8. Machine failure can be analyzed through ICON, with low failure rate;

9. Equipped with self-protection switch device and emergency safety stop device;

10. Electromagnetic pre-pull device, different from general mechanical device, is safer for operators;

11. Stable performance, simple operation and reliable use.

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Pallet Wrapping Machine

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