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Several Key Components Affecting The Quality Of The Pallet Winding Machine

Dec. 11, 2019

The quality of Pallet Packaging Machine determines whether it is reliable and durable. For users who buy pallet packaging machines for the first time, how to identify the quality of the machine is a headache. It is only necessary to understand the key components that affect the quality of pallet machines. It is not difficult to buy a reliable tray machine with selective selection. The supplier of Robot Pallet Wrapping Machine will introduce to you today a few key components that affect the quality of pallet packaging machines.

Pallet Packaging Machine

Pallet Packaging Machine

The performance of a pallet packaging machine depends on the film frame, and the durability depends on the chassis, because the wear parts of the entire machine are on the chassis, such as trays, sprockets, idlers, etc. These are the main components of the pallet machine chassis It is also a key component that affects the quality of the entire pallet machine.

1. Tray. The pallet is used to hold the cargo for rotation, so it must reach a certain thickness, otherwise it will be deformed. The pallet will wear out if the pallet is slightly deformed. The pallet is like a car tire, and it must be replaced to a certain extent. The thickness of the tray is generally divided into 10mm and 8mm. It looks only 2mm away, but the reliability is very different. High-quality tray packaging machine trays generally use 10mm steel plates to ensure their reliability and durability.

2. Sprocket. The pallet is supported by a sprocket and a supporting wheel. The larger the sprocket, the stronger the support for the pallet, the more pressure the sharing of the supporting wheel, the smaller the pressure of the supporting wheel, and the lighter the wearing of the supporting wheel; The smaller the wheel, the greater the wear on the idler. At the same time, the motor drives the large sprocket vigorously and the small sprocket is laborious, so the small sprocket will increase the load on the driving motor and easily cause damage to the motor. High-quality pallet packaging machines generally use 80-tooth large sprocket wheels with a diameter of 412mm, which is also the largest sprocket in the industry. To save costs, small-scale packaging machine manufacturers will use 298mm 60-tooth small sprocket wheels, please Everyone pays attention when distinguishing.

3. Supporting wheels. The idler is a vulnerable consumable part like a car tire. Not only the quality of the pallet and sprocket will affect the loss rate of the idler, but the quality of the idler itself is also very important. Practice has proved that the rollers made of nylon are wear-resistant and durable, and the quality is guaranteed; while some manufacturers use plastic or inferior nylon to reduce costs. The quality of the idler is not as intuitive as that of the tray and sprocket. It can be directly referenced by its dimensions, which makes it difficult for users to judge. However, according to experience, the quality of the idler is generally smaller if the pallet thickness is less than 10mm and the small sprocket is used very poor.

The above are the key components of pallet Wrapping Machine and the corresponding quality identification methods. After knowing these, it is not difficult to buy a reliable pallet packaging machine.

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