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The Reason And Solution Of The Frequent Film Breaking Of The Packaging Machine

Jul. 14, 2020

Today, as the automated packaging industry is growing stronger, the market demand for packaging machines is also increasing. In the daily use of packaging machines, broken film is one of the most common failures of packaging machines. So what is the reason why the packaging machine often breaks the film? What is the corresponding solution? Next, let's take a look with the help of the Pallet Wrapping Machine Manufacturers.

1. The type of membrane used is wrong. The packaging machine needs to use machine stretch film, if you use manual film, it will break the film.

2. The quality of the membrane used is poor. It is recommended to buy the wrapping film of the factory packaging machine manufacturer.

Model Fully Automatic Horizontal Wrapping Machine

Model Fully Automatic Horizontal Wrapping Machine

3. The sharp corners of the goods. If the goods packaged by the packaging machine have sharp corners, there will be film breakage. It is necessary to avoid or handle the sharp corners as much as possible. You can also use paper corner protection.

4. The turntable speed of the Wrapping Machine is too fast or the film output speed is too slow. If the speed of the turntable is too fast or the speed of the film is too slow, it will also cause the wound film to break. You need to adjust the speed of the turntable or the film.

5. The guide roller of the film frame has burrs. The burr of the guide roller will cause the film to break when the film is released from the packaging machine. The guide roller needs to be sanded with sandpaper.

The small wasp stretch film has the characteristics of high stretch, high transparency, high retraction, strong self-adhesion, strong tearing, and puncture resistance. The correct selection of the Automatic Pallet Wrapping Machine uses the matching small wasp stretch film, which can effectively reduce the wound film breakage failure!

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