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The Division Of Winding Packaging Machine According To Different Classification Methods

Jul. 07, 2020

The pallet packaging machine is mainly used for packing goods, and has the advantages of improving logistics work efficiency, reducing loss during shipping, dustproof, and moistureproof. In actual use, the manufacturer of the wrapping machine tray packaging machine can be divided into the following categories according to different classification methods:

1. Pre-stretched tray film wrapping machine

The pre-stretched pallet film winding packaging machine utilizes the speed difference of the wear-resistant rubber roller to fully pull the wound film, and drives the goods to rotate through the pallet to evenly wrap the film on the goods. Just adjust the corresponding parameters according to the actual needs as much as the film is pulled apart. At the same time, the number of winding layers and height can be controlled by the PLC processor and the corresponding mechanism.

2.The automatic tray winding packaging machine

Fully automatic pallet winding packaging machine is a film winding packaging machine used in automatic assembly line. It is very suitable for the automated packaging needs of modern enterprises, and plays a very important role in improving production efficiency, reducing labor intensity, and saving costs. At present, the automatic winding packaging machine has been very well applied in the packaging lines of beverage, food, chemical, early knowledge, clothing, logistics and other industries.

X1000 Cantilever Fully Automatic Pallet Wrapping Machine

X1000 Cantilever Fully Automatic Pallet Wrapping Machine

3. Stretch-resistance tray film wrapping machine

The resistance stretch type pallet film winding packaging machine is to adjust the friction resistance of the resistance stretch mechanism, which is that the speed of the stretch film when it is passively pulled out is slower than the speed of the goods placed on the pallet, and then is wrapped around the goods while the stretch film is pulled apart Above. The tightness of the wound film can be set by corresponding parameters to meet the requirements of different goods for the tightness of the wound film.

4. Automatic pressing top tray winding packaging machine

The automatic top-loading pallet winding packaging machine is mainly used in winding packaging with lighter goods and higher palletizing instability to prevent the goods from tipping in the packaging. It is more suitable for cotton spinning, empty bottles and other industries.

5.  M-type packaging machine

The difference between the M-type pallet winding packaging machine and other pallet-winding packaging machines is mainly on the pallet. This equipment uses an M-shaped opening on the pallet to facilitate the forklift to enter and exit the goods, improve the safety factor of loading and unloading the goods, and ensure the safety of the machine and personnel. Easy to use.

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