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Hiking--Suzhou Moat

Apr. 24, 2021

SMART WASP--Hiking Suzhou Moat

How can you miss the gift of nature when the flowers are blooming in spring? Spring is bright and beautiful. Let’s get to hike together. Smart Wasp actively organizes it’s members to hike during this season, exercise their bodies, and strengthen their physique.

 Hiking--Suzhou Moat

In the early morning of April 17, everyone gathered at the entrance of Soochow University early to prepare for today’s walking tour.

Suzhou Moat is the hiking trip. The Suzhou Ring River Trail totally is 15.5 kilometers long. According to the six themes of Soochow scholars, the old road in the south, the legacy of water and land, the charm of the ancient and the modern style, the rhyme of water, and the past of the city wall, the Suzhou Ring of the Ancient Moat Trail is divided into 11 sections, namely : Su-Da Section, Erlang Lane Section, Osmanthus Park Section, South Gate Section, Panmen Section, Children’s Palace Section, Shilu Section, Changmen Section, Pingmen Section, Tangfang Bay Section, Dongyuan Section, each section has followed The beauty of historical traces has a strong historical and cultural heritage, and each segment can bring people a different mood. There are flowers and grasses all the way around the water.
In the company of each other, the partners have successfully reached the destination. Although we were a little tired, all were very happy. Thanks to the company for organizing this activity, which not only strengthened the cohesion of the team, but also exercised our physique.

Hiking--Suzhou Moat

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